Monk in Sackcloth update. I am just blogging this quickly for you all to take a look at the original post and watch the youtubes over there. See what you think, people. Vee

Here’s a few videos made by the 2 men that filmed the Francescan Monk (Mossimo) at the Vatican. Evidently they are from Norway, and are active in prayer and evangelism. Here are their explanations. They went to visit Mossimo at Assisi, and they are putting together a documentary.

(The Next Video)Published on Mar 23, 2013

I believe that the Roman Catholic Church is going to use the historical person of St. Francis of Assisi, now brought into focus through the name chosen by the new pope. The Vatican is going to use him to accelerate ecumenical initiative into hyper-drive. I also cover some issues that sincere Catholics who want to be true to the Lord Jesus should take to heart.

(The Next Video)Published on Mar 20, 2013

Please watch this my dear Catholic brothers and sisters. This is the testimony of how I found…

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  1. I’ve got a BIG red flag about all this! ‘breaking down strongholds’ and ‘jericho marching’ and their lack of discernment about the sackcloth guy, and the nonsense about blowing a shofar on a mountain (why?) and the rest of it, stuffed full of NAR buzz words BUT they have the ability and the connections and platforms to host sackcloth-guy internationally. We have to pray it won’t happen.


  2. I have to leave another comment. I listened right through and now I’m even MORE alarmed, seriously! They seem to believe God is trying to use this excommunicated cult-leader and his “spiritual father” to bring about revival in the Catholic Church! If this thing gets legs we could have a major, major deception on our hands, and something that could stand in the way of what God REALLY wants to do for catholic people before the End.


  3. I found this on V’s blog and couldn’t get past the first few sentences listening to this man, for the same reasons you made in our first comment. Buzz words and ain’t we just special. Gag. I may go back and watch it through when I get some time off work. thanks!


    1. This is all very worrying. see my comment above. It’s scary to think how ecumenical things are becoming. I see the NAR and Elijah’s list and other faiths falling under this deception at some point. It’s all becoming very inclusive and with no biblical discernment.


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