Tony Blair drags youth into One World religion

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News that matters

Tony Blair is teaming up with the United Nations to bring the world’s youth into the one world religion.

Over 680 young people from different religions signed up for Blair’s Faith Foundation’s  Faith Act Fellowship this year. Forty-one percent of these youth, are Christians. Muslims and Hindus are the second highest applicants.

The youth selected will help serve the needy and try to achieve the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. The eight goals of the United Nations are:

Blair’s goal is to unite world religions for…

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One thought on “Tony Blair drags youth into One World religion

  1. I was a new Ager/Agnostic that was vs religion because I believed that it Divided people.I was a “GLOBAL CITIZEN” with freinds etc from over 50 Nationalities,Religions,Classes etc!
    My G-d was LOVE (it still is but with Greater Understanding).
    In 1982 I died & my Spirit left my Body in the Er in NYC.I felt LOVE,PEACE & ONENESS-but……… ALL my Pain was gone!!!
    My Spirit could see my Body on the Er Bed-I could see,hear,think & my whole personality was intact-except for ONE THING-ALL Negative thoughts feelings were GONE- just the Positive Version of ME was left in the SPIRIT!
    But- suddenly I was back in my Body & Resurrected from the Dead.A few days later- I went to a Drugstore- where I met a Very tall man-who was cripples & poor /sick. He told me that I was a Jew & the Basics were in the Mosaic Law(TORAH).Then He talked to me about Israel-but always spoke the Father’s Thoughts & opinions- NOT His Own? Finally He left & so did I-but realized that after 3 yrs of Dying & told that there was NO CURE for what was killing me-I was HEALED!
    Supernatural things kept hapening to me until I learned about Yahshua -being of G-d the Father was the Messiah of Israel & the Whole World.
    I also had had non peaceful supernatural experiences in NEW AGE & was told by the Ruling Elite (I knew many from Int’l Biz,Law,UN,World Bank etc)- that “THEY” were chosen- that there would be a Big Destruction on Earth- that THEY were being told where to go- what to do- to be SAFE & to keep it a SECRET & the Rest of the People were to DIE!
    I was later to discern between the DARK & LIGHT sides of the Spiritual Realm.
    The UN spiritual Foundation is Theosophy- just like Hitler,Like Hitler-he believed that he got all of His Advanced Technology from LUCIFER & used Chaldean Magic.Hitler was also told by the “Aliens” to bring in a Unified NEW WORLD ORDER.
    In the New Testament we are warned that LUCIFER comes DISGUISED as an ANGEL of LIGHT??? That there are Wars going on in Heaven & n the LAst days- IT WOULD BE LIKE THE dAYS OF nOAH- WITH dEMONS INTERMINGLING WITH THE sEED OF mAN?
    WE ALL want PEACE & are worried about all the Divisions that are causing Wars & Deaths etc-byt becoming UNIFIED UNDER KUCIFER- with a One World Religion is NOT the Answer.The Jews & Christians know that anything INTERMINGLED will NOT stand.You cannot MIX Darkness with True LIGHT.or The True God of LOVE- with the COUNTERFEIT SATAN/LUCIFER
    It is NOT that we are INTOLERANT- G-d Created All People & LOVES all people- but wants them to have the PURE TRUTH & LIGHT.
    If you buy your Bride a Diamond Ring- is it OK to give her a Counterfeit Rhinestone? or MIX Rhinestones with Diamonds & NOT NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE?????????

    The TRUTH is like a GEM/JEWELL
    There are No substitutes?

    Those who Deceive others will be deceived themselves

    G-d is LOVE


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