Tony Blair drags youth into One World religion

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One thought on “Tony Blair drags youth into One World religion

  1. I was a new Ager/Agnostic that was vs religion because I believed that it Divided people.I was a “GLOBAL CITIZEN” with freinds etc from over 50 Nationalities,Religions,Classes etc!
    My G-d was LOVE (it still is but with Greater Understanding).
    In 1982 I died & my Spirit left my Body in the Er in NYC.I felt LOVE,PEACE & ONENESS-but……… ALL my Pain was gone!!!
    My Spirit could see my Body on the Er Bed-I could see,hear,think & my whole personality was intact-except for ONE THING-ALL Negative thoughts feelings were GONE- just the Positive Version of ME was left in the SPIRIT!
    But- suddenly I was back in my Body & Resurrected from the Dead.A few days later- I went to a Drugstore- where I met a Very tall man-who was cripples & poor /sick. He told me that I was a Jew & the Basics were in the Mosaic Law(TORAH).Then He talked to me about Israel-but always spoke the Father’s Thoughts & opinions- NOT His Own? Finally He left & so did I-but realized that after 3 yrs of Dying & told that there was NO CURE for what was killing me-I was HEALED!
    Supernatural things kept hapening to me until I learned about Yahshua -being of G-d the Father was the Messiah of Israel & the Whole World.
    I also had had non peaceful supernatural experiences in NEW AGE & was told by the Ruling Elite (I knew many from Int’l Biz,Law,UN,World Bank etc)- that “THEY” were chosen- that there would be a Big Destruction on Earth- that THEY were being told where to go- what to do- to be SAFE & to keep it a SECRET & the Rest of the People were to DIE!
    I was later to discern between the DARK & LIGHT sides of the Spiritual Realm.
    The UN spiritual Foundation is Theosophy- just like Hitler,Like Hitler-he believed that he got all of His Advanced Technology from LUCIFER & used Chaldean Magic.Hitler was also told by the “Aliens” to bring in a Unified NEW WORLD ORDER.
    In the New Testament we are warned that LUCIFER comes DISGUISED as an ANGEL of LIGHT??? That there are Wars going on in Heaven & n the LAst days- IT WOULD BE LIKE THE dAYS OF nOAH- WITH dEMONS INTERMINGLING WITH THE sEED OF mAN?
    WE ALL want PEACE & are worried about all the Divisions that are causing Wars & Deaths etc-byt becoming UNIFIED UNDER KUCIFER- with a One World Religion is NOT the Answer.The Jews & Christians know that anything INTERMINGLED will NOT stand.You cannot MIX Darkness with True LIGHT.or The True God of LOVE- with the COUNTERFEIT SATAN/LUCIFER
    It is NOT that we are INTOLERANT- G-d Created All People & LOVES all people- but wants them to have the PURE TRUTH & LIGHT.
    If you buy your Bride a Diamond Ring- is it OK to give her a Counterfeit Rhinestone? or MIX Rhinestones with Diamonds & NOT NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE?????????

    The TRUTH is like a GEM/JEWELL
    There are No substitutes?

    Those who Deceive others will be deceived themselves

    G-d is LOVE


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