Respecting other Religions…?


I had a bit of a day the other day. I was at bible study and the study was about an un-tamed tongue and humility. The study went well and there were good points made. The study finished and because of the recent events with the election of the new Pope, things were discussed. I will just share with you the basic run-down of what happened…

We had just been studying James and how we must tame the tongue and act in humility and grace towards others. The study finished, then Pastor Harry brought up the topic of the new Pope. I spoke about how this new pope acts in humility, but I ask the question as to how humble he really is if he has taken the role of Holy Father and how the Catholic system is a false humility and pushes a work based salvation. I spoke about  how I believe that this pope will help bring about the social gospel and as St Francis of Assisi had said “Spread the gospel, and if you have to, even use words… yet Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. This pope will unite all faiths (or try to) and will get the politicians to fall for it too!
Well, this guy in our little study group of (he is about 50+ years) said to me… “Aren’t you doing the very thing that you should NOT be doing, just as we have learnt”. I said, “What do you mean?” He said… “an untamed tongue and exercising humility and grace … in the bible it says that we should respect other religions!”
I asked him where that was, and his reply was in the book of Daniel, and that Daniel never spoke ill of the other sages or Nebuchadnezzar. And then he went on to say that we were only given one commandment by Jesus to follow, and that was to “do unto other as you would have them to unto you, and love your neighbours as your self”.

My reply was that we are told to make disciples of men too! How can you do that if they are following mens traditions rather than being saved in faith.
The Pastor was trying to smooth over the situation. And I said to this guy… if I have spoken out of pride which is what you imply hasn’t the Pastor of this study done the same when he speaks about the TBN money preachers and the evangelical Church who use systems rather than the Grace of God to pull in the numbers? Hasn’t he also spoken about the new pope and how he could possibly bring in all religions!

THEN he goes on to say that we shouldn’t be talking this way about other religions at all, and didn’t I know that the Muslim god is the same as the God of the bible!!!!
Well, I just said an emphatic “NO!”… He then told me to learn my history! I said I do know my history, I have also read the Koran twice and the bible right through several times! I said to him that Allah is a pagan moon god, a left over from Abrams days in Ur!

Either of us wouldn’t agree with each other and he told me that I needed to learn more. I said… “Well, I am not going to go further with this, I had better go.
I left feeling attacked. And NOT for the difference of opinion, but to suggest that I was being prideful and exercised an un-tame tongue because I dislike religions systems that bring ppl to a work based institution that does NOT point to the cross of Christ, that was hard to swallow.

So, there you have it. Even with a good sound Pastor and a tiny little group, I can see how this new Pope and the mantra about all gods being the same is undermining and gagging those of us who speak the truth. I can also see how the “Golden Rule” will be the ONE thing that gets us.

So my question to you all is this. Does it state in the bible that we are to respect other religions? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please make sure to look up the definition of “respect”.




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  1. What an experience you had! The Golden Rule… one that I do not think is all so golden if we do not give the truth in love when we see someone heading for an eternity in hell. If they do not want this, then I suppose they ARE doing unto others according to how they want to be treated. Crazy!

    Bless you Vee ♥


  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. Time is getting so short and it is so grievous to see how so many are deceived. Keep speaking THE truth in Love. You showed great wisdom and I pray any who heard you would be convicted and begin to truly search the scriptures for their selves. Love all your input here and on Be Alert page/group you contribute. Debbie Brisk


  3. Did St. Paul ever actively criticize other religions in his evangelistic addresses? We know how he felt about them – and spoke about them with other believers – but I don’t think he ever went on the offensive with pagans; he was a shrewd operator.


  4. Truth, by it’s very nature, MUST be absolute.

    The Word defines Truth: “Your righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, And Your law is truth.” Psalm 119: 142



    I think there’s a fine line. I look at it this way…

    God allows us the freedom to chose if we want to follow Him or not. I have no right to overstep that. However. God has called us to tell everything that has breath about the gospel. We have the right, privilege, and obligation to stand up for what the bible teaches and preaches.

    For example:

    Shadrack, Meshack and Abedigo. They refused to follow others of their day, to worship false gods/idols. They ended up in the fiery furnace, but for their strength, fortitude, and convictions, they were rewarded, for God was with them in the fire and they came out unscathed.

    Not to mention Daniel who ended up in the lions den for following his convictions of faith in God and praying to our Heavenly Father. And yet again, God came thru, He shut the lions mouths and Daniels faith in the one true God was a testament to all.

    Or how about the Elijah’s God answering by fire on one of the two alters, one to our Heavenly Father, doused with water over the offering, and the other one not, and God still sent down fire from above and consumed His offering, proving His authority as the one and only God. That was to turn Israel’s heart back to God and from their false god and idol worship.

    We are called to teach and preach and spread the word of God. After that, it’s up to the Holy Spirit to take over in the heart and mind of the person receiving. It’s not up to us to make the other person believe, but it’s our duty to tell them.

    Even Jesus in His day was angry with the Pharisees. He was angry with those acting religious. He spoke out. He is the one we are to strive to be like. If He spoke out, then we should too.

    Now, as far as a tame tongue. A tame tongue does not mean that you’re quiet as a mute, it means that your tongue is bridled. You form your words carefully and with love. But, you don’t keep quiet. For even the bible says that Jesus said, “If you are ashamed of me in front of men, then I will be ashamed of you in front of my Father.”

    Are you ashamed?

    If not, then you’ll pass this on.


    • I don’t agree with everything on bible evidence link. I actually like the Copelands. Not sure how to edit my posting, so I’m just throwing this statement in here for that purpose.


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