The Pope will be welcomed in love and as ONE to all three monotheistic religions!

Just got news that you may be interested in. Israeli President Peres was telling his thoughts about the new Pope to visiting Bishop Stanislaw Gadecki, leader of the delegation and a member of the Holy See’s Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews. The Archbishop told Peres that there was no more suitable place than the holy city of Jerusalem in which to hear the good news about the election of Pope Francis. Okay… but that is not all. Peres said this

“The new pope will be welcomed in the Holy Land with love and appreciation by Jews, Muslims and Christians as one,” 

Now, that’s just a tad interesting, is it NOT! This I believe is in preparation of the ONE that is to come in PEACE and like a lamb, but in reality he will be the dragon!

I have just thought about the little horn. The country where this Pope originated is pretty insignificant, in fact the Pope’s humility and his lifestyle was not one to brag about. Just thinking out loud here. I wonder if this pope is possibly the little horn? I don’t know and I am not going to call it.

Also we have to keep our eyes on Obama and his Israeli visit. Here is a youtube that I have just finished watching, and the guy raises some interesting points. I am not going to make the call and say that Obama is the AC, but he certainly shows us how one man can be all things to all people. I for one think that Obama hasn’t mastered the charade yet, but one will come and he will be masterful in his deception. The things that are happening are just the preparation… but time may prove me wrong and we may be at THAT time where we will see the last week unfold. Who knows? I am just like all of you, I watch and wait to see how things pan out.


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  1. People are not aware that the planning of a the seat of the last antichrist has reached its final stages. This work got a booster after the implementation of the Oslo “peace accord”.

    The final push for the end game, started with the formation of The Council of the Religious Institutions of the Holy Land in 2005. This council has Muslims, Jews, Catholics and claimed to be “Christians” in its governing body.

    When you read their statement of faith, you are introduced to the final One World Religion. They try to tell us that all faiths leads to the same god. Now they plan the arrival of their leader.

    Statement of faith:
    “As religious leaders of different faiths, who share the conviction in the one Creator, Lord of the Universe; we believe that the essence of religion is to worship G-d and respect the life and dignity of all human beings, regardless of religion, nationality and gender”.

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  2. Outgoing Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon is leaving his mark on Jerusalem. After years of negotiations with the Vatican over property and tax issues, it seems that an historic breakthrough is near. Headlines in the Jerusalem Post announced, “Jerusalem is on verge of signing agreement to formalize diplomatic relations with the Holy See”.
    However, there are conflicting and disturbing reports regarding the status of the “Last Supper Room” (also referred to as the “Upper Room”, “Cenacle Shrine” or “Coenaculum”), which sits above the traditional Tomb of King David and is a central part of the Diaspora Yeshiva grounds on Mt. Zion. For many years the Catholic church has been vying for ownership of the room which is considered by many Christians to be the traditional site of the location of the last supper. The room itself is a 12th century Crusader structure, built on top of the traditional Tomb of King David.
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  3. An historic agreement has been drafted between Israel and the Vatican. The Israeli authorities have granted the Pope an official seat in the room where the Last Supper is believed to have taken place, on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and where David and Solomon, Jewish kings of Judea, are considered by some researchers, to also be buried.

    It is the culmination of a long campaign by the Catholic Church to regain religious stewardship over the place where Jesus is supposed to have broken bread and drunk wine with his disciples on the eve of his crucifixion.

    This is an enormous issue pushed through without any public debate.

    According to our sources, the agreement, which is expected to be ratified next June, gives the Pope a “special authority” over the second floor of the building, so that Christian pilgrims will be able to celebrate religious functions like Pope John Paul did in 2000.

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