Interesting post on the Pope, and this guy in sackcloth. Again, we must watch and wait and see what happens. What we do know is that the world is waiting for its saviour. The world is desperate for this. We live in very prophetic times.

Ancient Paths

19 Do not stifle the Holy Spirit. 20 Do not scoff at prophecies, 21 but test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good. 22 Stay away from every kind of evil. 1 Thes 5:19-22

Source : Andy – firecharger on Youtube  and Youtube from Jeremy Hoff

I have no comment in reference to this man in sackcloth, I’m speechless on it. I’m just observing and posted for those of you who are watching also. This is from source’s site :” I feel urged to warn you not to slander this man whether he is who we suspect or if he is not.  Do not speak evil of this man.”

Be Strong and Courageous! You are special in the eyes of the Lord.

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  1. Yes, I saw this yesterday. Amazing! He sure is God fearing to get out there and do what He did. It reminds me of Ezekiel in the Old Testament where God told him to he had to prophesy with no clothes on. I haven’t watched the video above yet..but the one I watched yeseterday showed him prophesying in his underwer while onlookers watched him, laughing and mocking him. And that is what it reminded me of. God bless you. -L. Leahz


      • I am with you there..I have no clue who the Antichrist will be yet. Could be him…could be someone else..either way..what’s important is that all of God’s children are ready, and that we witness to those who are not. And, I know that many great and mighty thinks predicted in the Bible are happening. We are definitely living in the times spoken of by John the Revelator. God bless and hope you are having a beautiful day in Christ.


        • Interesting how humble this pope is, exactly like a lamb don’t you think. I wonder how the political leaders and the secular world will accept him. This will be pivotal in understanding what is about to happen.
          Thank you Lyn, may God bless you too.


        • Exactly. If he is the one…he will seem great to everyone… so far, from what I have seen in the Israel news and abroad..the Jews, the Muslims, and everyone adore him. Have you looked at all the posts about the Jesuits? If you happen to read some..I have quite a few on my prophecy news explains why he is so humble. It’s some pretty scary stuff.


  2. Lyn, I haven’t looked yet. I do know from history that Jesuits are NOT peaceful. I am currently reading about the Huguenots in France and the terrible persecution that was done because of the edict of the King and the Jesuits were the ones that carried it out.

    I do know that Obama is due to go to Jerusalem during Passover, some have said that he will enter Jerusalem the same day that Jesus did. They are also making an image of Obama made of ice to welcome him. Now, if the Pope goes too!!! Won’t that make things interesting.


    • It sure would. Like I said, definitely a lot of things going on. And it’s so much, it’s been hard to keep up with on our news website. From things in the heavens, to things in the earth… and things under the earth (sinkholes).


  3. Didn’t I hear him say that this pope will be a huge open door to church unity? Also he seemed to say he lost his Catholic faith but was brought back into it. These things alone would cause me to denounce him as false. I hope this kind of self-mortification and ‘spirituality’ won’t lead people into deception.


    • Yep… You heard right. Also the two other guys said that they were born again Christians, yet they seemed to be accepting of this guy’s message and perhaps even the pope. I found it quite odd to say the least.


      • Here’s what I am now wondering. Okay. Ever since the last Pope announced his resignation, there have been weird things, like signs: the lightening that struck the vatican, people saw an angel in the sky the day of his announcement, within a few hours, there were masses of white birds seen flying over the vatican for a while the day he was elected, and now the praying man.

        The praying man, as well as all of the other signs, could be aroused by the kingdom of Hell to deceive people. Because of these things, there are so many who are thinking this guy is something great and godly, including ‘Christians’. We all must remember that Satan can appear as an ‘angel of light’. I think many are expecting the False Prophet and the Antichrist to be obviously evil to us…but they won’t. Even to us (although we who are watching and truly following Jesus will know better) they will appear wonderful, holy, charismatic, and seem to have “Christian” principles.

        We as Christians know one thing for sure: there is only one God and one Jesus, and our intercessor, the Holy Spirit. Any man who tries to make himself like God, or requires us to ask “him” forgiveness of our sins as opposed to going straight to God ourselves, and who upholds texts that are not Biblical as if they are is NOT from God…at least, not the true God we serve, who is YHVH.

        Those are my thoughts, for what they are worth.


        • And they are worth a lot. They are biblically sound words. This pope does seem meek like a lamb and yet he follows a whore of a religion and is not the LEADER of it. Thanks for your insight.


        • It is good to know other people who are not being taken by all of these ‘seemingly’ miraculous and ‘seemingly’ godly things..and notice, I use a small ‘g’ in godly..because there’s only one God who is deserving and suited to get the capital “G”. And that is the true God! Not the one who is going to blaspheme, fool, and defile the Holy Temple of YHVH! 🙂 God bless you!


    • It’s all very strange. One thing for sure, we have to be aware of how this new pope could change the face of Catholicism. I think it will be a change where the social gospel will gain the upper hand, and liberation theology will also come to the forefront. I wonder how the world’s political figures will embrace this new pope. So much to watch and to pray about.


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