New Pope! What could this mean!?!

Well, the white smoke has billowed from the Vatican. A new Pope has been elected. Much is being said about the significance of this new Pope and much has been said about a Malachy prophecy concerning this Pope. It’s all very ambiguous and many people are trying to fit the prophecy about “Peter the Romanus” into this elected Pope. But what do we know for sure?

He is a Pope of firsts. He is the first Jesuit to be made Pope, and his name change to “Francis” is a first too!

What’s in a name?

Bergoglio’s selection of the name of Pope Francis is “the most stunning” choice and “precedent shattering,” Allen said. “The new pope is sending a signal that this will not be business as usual.”The name symbolises “poverty, humility, simplicity and rebuilding the Catholic Church,” Allen said. [source]

St. Francis of Assisi was famous for saying… ” Preach the gospel, and if necessary, use words.” Also, the Franciscan’s are right into mystic prayer called “Lectio Divina”.

Roger Oakland has written an excellent article that is a must read to understand the implications of this new Pope. He gives us a basic background on the Jesuits and Francis of Assisi and what it could possibly mean for the Catholic Church and for us in the 21st century. It is a MUST read. You can find if HERE.

3 thoughts on “New Pope! What could this mean!?!

  1. I work with many sweet Catholics. There will be much conversation taking place about this around me. I plan on being prepared. Our current culture is so polarized though that sometimes the truth can’t make it’s way in because of lock-kneed worldviews. It’s a true spiritual battle to get beyond the false sense of identity that bind so many. Dear Holy Spirit prepare hearts!!


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