Obama – A Shadow of a Messiah!

obama second coming

I know, I know… it’s been AGES since I have posted anything at all. I haven’t disappeared off of the planet, but I haven’t had my laptop working until recently and my life has been very busy looking after my grandson who is nearly four years old.

Anyway, I have something for you that speaks of a shadow of things to come. Some say Obama IS the AC, but I think he is just a shadow of one. The accolades that follow him show us how the world is certainly willing to accept a leader and elevate that leader to a status that evenutally fulfills biblical prophecy. Newsweek recently had a photo of Obama and then title it “The SECOND COMING”. Check out what they say about that…

Baker noted that Thomas has declared Obama as being a God-like figure before.

“In a way, Obama’s standing above the country — above the world,” Thomas said during a 2009 interview on MSNBC. “He’s sort of God. He’s going to bring all different sides together.”

Many have been describing Obama as a type of messiah even before his first four years in office. Writer Dave Jolly notes that during the last election, Maggie Mertens, associate editor for the Smith College newspaper, penned an article entitled “I Will Follow Him: Obama as My Personal Jesus.” [source]

If that wasn’t bad enough, you just have to wonder what is going on with the statue of Obama being created in Jerusalem! Yep, you read right. An image of Obama is being made in time for Obama’s arrival to Israel.

An initiative by Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat intends to take advantage of the wide coverage to unleash a public relations barrage and to present to them “Jerusalem’s other side.” According to the plan, journalists will be taken on tours around Jerusalem and will visit the main historical sites, such as City of David and the Western Wall Tunnel. They will also be taken to an Israel Museum’s exhibition about King Herod and to the Ice City, where they will see a custom built ice sculptor in Obama’s image. [source]

When will ALL of this happen? Well, check this out…

Jesus entered Jerusalem on Nisan 10 and so will Obama! According to Joel Rosenberg, Obama is scheduled to visit Jerusalem on March 20 & 21, 2013: Obama coming to Israel March 20-21 to pressure Israel not to strike Iran, reports Israeli media « Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog According to the Jewish Calendar Converter, Nisan 10 begins at sunset on March 20th and ends at sunset on March 21st: Hebrew Date Converter – 10th of Nisan, 5773 | Hebcal Jewish Calendar Jesus made His Triumphant Entrance into Jerusalem on Nisan 10.

I am NOT saying that Obama IS the AC, but there certainly seems to be pattern happening here. What do you all think?


6 thoughts on “Obama – A Shadow of a Messiah!

    • Yes… we have been appointed to witness these times. Quite an honour really, when you think about it. We must be overcomers and hold each other up in prayers. For strength and comfort and that we never waver or fall.


  1. Hello again! Thanks for putting this up. I had no idea about the ice sculpture…at least it is temporary – lol – but still there is the significance and lasting impressions. No, I don’t see him as AC either, but with all that is going on in the world, and all that is being hidden by the media, things are much different than they have ever been.


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