War Games…It’s unreal!

I have both left wing friends and right wing friends, and everything in between. However, the latest Israeli/Gazan conflict has really brought out where one sits in regard to middle-eastern politics. Out of the woodwork they all come.

One friend is a supporter of Gaza  and calls that part of the middle-east an ‘open air prison’. And they have also fallen for the whole rhetoric of a few Zionists having control over the world. My question would be… even if that is true, why paint all Jews or those who stick up for Jews with the same brush? Anyway, I came across something that I never knew about. Its called the IDF RANKS – Join the Game…

Want to help fight the misinformation about Israel and the IDF online? Well, now you can. Here at the IDF Blog you can join IDF Ranks – the ultimate virtual army.

Earn points, get badges and help spread IDF content online. Start your journey through the IDF ranks now!


IDF Ranks is an interactive game, directly implemented into all of the IDF’s social platforms allowing YOU to be a virtual part of the IDF. Every action you take — reading, commenting, liking, sharing or even just visiting — will earn you points and help you climb the ladder of IDF Ranks. Specific actions will win you beautiful badges, and one day you might even become the Chief of Staff of IDF Ranks.

How horrific is THAT! I guess it sounds pretty off, making a game out of very real and horrible situations.

Emmm… well, it doesn’t stop there. How about this. There was a game released a few years back where you could take on the part of a Palestinian and go about shooting Jews…

The player takes the role of Ahmed, a Palestinian opposed to Israeli occupation (“Zionists”). Through the course of the game, Ahmed progresses from throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers to destroying Israeli military positions.

A nation in Palestine is being uprooted: their houses are being devastated, their establishments are being destroyed, their lands are being occupied, their trees are being pulled out, their property is being confiscated, their cities are being besieged, their schools are being closed, their sanctuaries are being violated, their sacred structures are being made permitted, their children are being beaten, their hands are being broken, their bones are being crushed and they are imprisoned, tortured and slain. They are even prevented from crying and moaning. The whole world is plotting to ignore them. None hears them moan. None sees the trains of their martyrs. None says a word of support to their rights.

This is the tale of  the game of “UnderAsh” in short…

     Everywhere the Israeli bugles will scream, “This is violence and terrorism!” and the Israelis will plot with many centers in the world, which got tired of the stay of their followers in Israel who tasted the bitterness of the Israeli greed and plots. They want to spit Israel away from them though they sometimes plot with it in silence, dumbness and disregard, and sometimes with unjust loyalty and advocation.

     The human conscience, however, will be neither deceived by the cheating of  Beelzebub nor confused by the violence of the tyrannical aggression and the violence of resistance in self-defense, nor will the destructive  rocket be equal to the symbolic stone.

Under Ash is a call to justice, realizing truth, preventing wronging and aggression.

This idea, accompanied by the best available technology, is still handy to our youth, trying to dry up their tears; heal their wounds; remove all the feelings of humiliation, humbleness and wretchedness from their souls, and draw the smile of hope and the sense of dignity and efficiency on their faces. [sourced from the game makers themselves]

Now, one of these games is for reading, commenting, liking and passing on the information, and in return you earn badges and climb up a virtual ladder, no violence shown, just a relaying of information that is already out there on the WWW. The other is a typical shoot em up, good guys vs bad guys with a narrative that goes along with it.

Both have their own point of view, both could be considered another cog in a propaganda war. I am just posting both sides for you to consider.


2 thoughts on “War Games…It’s unreal!

  1. Very interesting isn’t it. Israel must develop means of getting the truth out there, the msm sure isn’t going to…


  2. From what I read, this statement is as false as the claim to Palestine: “Under Ash is a call to justice, realizing truth, preventing wronging and aggression.” No, it’s about killing Jews. I think the most profound statement I heard in the present conflict is that Hamas is trying to kill anyone within reach, (without regard to its citizens) but Israel would stop as soon as the bombardment ceased, because their aim is not to kill anyone, but to defend its nation.


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