Jacob Prasch’s take on the recent re-election of Obama

Here is something that you may want to listen to. It’s Jacob Prasch talking about Obama and his recent re-election. What does this mean? How should we understand this? And what should we do? America has become much like a modern Babylon.




11 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch’s take on the recent re-election of Obama

  1. I started listening to the recording this morning. I haven’t got to Jacob Prasch’s part yet – just the very informative intro.

    And why was it informative? Because it exposes how deeply “christians” have sunk into lies and disinformation – how christians have fallen for a false religion based on those lies. And the presenter of that misnamed “Tru-news” broadcast demostrated so much of the worst of that fasle religion.

    A few years ago I saw that the Todd Bentley “revival” was not deception. It was so blatantly false that there was no deception involved. People followed him because. they prefered his lies over the truth of the gospel. I saw that situation as a clear dividing line set up to separate lovers of truth from those with no interest in the Truth.

    I see the same kind of situation again. Another line has been drawn to expose those who prefer lies to truth. All of the lies being promoted about Obama have consequences and those consequences will be serious. There is no place in the new creation for liars.

    The irony is that there are more than enough GENUINE policy issues on which Obama could be opposed – but no, the majority of the opposition from “christians” comes in the form of false personal allegations, most of which are targeted to appeal to prejudice.


  2. So, am I correct in assuming that you don’t believe that Obama’s administration is socialist in ANY way? I agree that there are enough in his policies that are in opposition to Christian morals, same sex marriage, abortion, Israel etc. But it sounds as if you don’t think Obama’s administration has any socialist leanings at all. If you don’t, fair enough, we will have to agree to disagree.


    • Don’t you claim to be in Australia?

      Obama and the democrats are more to the right than the most conservative of Australian political parties and most of the western world’s conservative parties.

      The term socialist as used by most Americans is a fear based idea intended to appeal to prejudice initially stirred up during the cold war. That idea has nothing in common with political reality.

      So I do not believe Obama is a socialist. But even if he was, is it illegal? Is it immoral?
      Some of the principles of socialism may be naive and on the wrong track- but no more than any other politcal system.
      Thank God that HIS kingdom isn’t run according to mankind’s politcial preferences but is ruled with perfect justice.


  3. An interesting observation found in an article here:

    “While we play temporal and worthless games of politics and legislated morality, souls meet their eternal death. What we call liberal God calls lost. What we call Muslim God calls lost. What we call socialist God calls lost. What we call conservative God calls self-righteous. What we call capitalist God calls greed. You see? God has His own dictionary. But all of it is only divided into two parts – lost and saved, sheep and goats, and light and dark. But when we depart from that perspective we enter into a fallen world that condemns on many different levels. It is a moral cast system which excuses some sins and condemns others without a shred of redemption.”


    • I am acquainted with his blog. I like the way he writes, not that I agree with everything that he says, but mostly, those are secondary issues. He is right, there are only the living and the dead. I agree with that.

      Let’s leave it at that.

      In Christ



  4. Whenever Jacob has something to say, I listen. For the times we are living in, we need as much wisdom, discernment & solid teaching that we can get. I think the time has come to call a spade a spade.


  5. Prasch did at least give a little balance to the Americocentric excesses (and outright bigoted lies) of the program’s presenter. And he pointed out that some of the worst political rulings in America (banning prayer from schools, Roe vs Wade and others that I don’t recall off hand) were introduced under Republican presidents.


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