Redefining what justice and evil are…

Reflecting on the last few days and the latest re-election of Obama, I think that Christians have not been taught what Justice and evil really are.  They have NO idea about what God calls justice or evil. They have redefined these things to fit into an every changing societal morality – the zeitgeist if you will. They would see that gay marriage and abortion is “just” because that is the morality that media and peer pressure has indoctrinated them with. I spoke to someone who was once so against abortion but this had changed over the years, they say they are still really hates it, but doesn’t consider it when voting. When I said that I voted for a political party that opposes abortion and gay marriage, they laughed and said, you have to think further than that, there are bigger battles to be one, like peoples rights to live a life in freedom without being harassed that their chosen lifestyle will take them to Hell. They went on to say that socialism was a good safety net for those who are marginalised because of a whole load of different reasons. Also I have seen changes in my Christian friends that have shocked me. Have they no idea that to legalise gay marriage will just be ONE small step to a further attack on marriage? Polygamy for one and I really don’t want to talk about the other depraved things. And to think that Christians can vote for someone who is OKAY with partial birth abortions is beyond comprehension.

Have you seen the tide changing over the last ten years or so? I think that the Church with is push for ‘Social Justice’ has forgotten to teach the basics.  I ask you what is justice defined as today? Is it defined by the Bible or by the morals of society. Israel sacrificed their children to a false god and had temple prostitutes and behaved as gentiles who lived a life of sexual freedom in EVERY sense of the word. These things made God judge them. He does NOT like them. He will exercise his judgement on nations that follow suit. Yes, He is long suffering. But really… is today any different from an idolatrous Israel? We don’t see the blood of innocent babies, it’s hidden. We are seeing sexual freedom, but that will be more in your face as we approach His coming.

It IS still light, we are still called to work, so let us start by getting on our needs and repenting. Let us pray for leaders that can rise up and teach the basics. Let us pray for those few leaders that ARE doing that. Let us pray for God to bring down the leaders who call for a unified church in the name a watered down gospel. We need leaders who can take a stand and not waver. Speak the truth of what God hates. Speak the truth about what IS sin and the need for repentance and how God is SO merciful that there is a way through His Son. It’s basic stuff, it’s NOT complicated. How about we bring back God and His Word into His Church, and see if there is not a humbled heart. I want repentance so much, I cannot imagine how much God must desire this. I am so sick of the watering down. My heart breaks when I think of all those babies being torn apart. My heart breaks when I think of the sanctification of marriage being torn apart. Jesus did say “As in the days of Noah”… seriously, we should think about what that actually means!!!

I really feel that the Church has reached a fork in the road, one path to ever changing fables and ideas of what is good and what is evil, and the other which is a very narrow path. What path will you take?