You were born for such a time as this…

I came across a brilliant youtube that you simply MUST watch, it’s a little over ten minutes and you would be crazy NOT to watch it. It documents all the strange goings on around the world. People KNOW something is up, they see it all around. Climate is acting crazy, the earth is shaking more and more, strange noises that emanate from below are being heard around the world, wars and constant rumours of war around the globe, civil unrest is dominating the news, economy on the brink of total collapse, governments becoming more corrupt by the day with some falling and others rising that are much worse than the previous ones, strange sightings in the sky, our food is becoming poison by big corporations like Monsanto, drought and famine because of these big corporations is spreading, society is losing it’s moral ground, the church has been infiltrated by witchcraft and the occult and becoming more like the world with its seeker friendly message and it’s secular PEACE message, unemployment is rising in the West, birds are falling out the sky while fish are dying by the thousands if not millions. Whales and dolphins are beaching themselves. I bet you all could name many more strange things happening to this world, but I trust that you get the point I am making.

Now, considering ALL of this, this youtube that I am going to post puts it altogether as it documents for this year alone, what will next year deliver us? After watching it, surely you cannot STIll have your head in the sand. So many people I know who are wonderful Christians just don’t want to see or understand all of this. It scares them to death. They would rather get on with their daily lives with family and friends and just continue to wear their rose coloured glasses. Yet, we are told that these are signs for us to be aware of for a purpose. That purpose is to be prepared spiritually and perhaps even physically.

As a good friend said recently…

Don’t stay in ignorance. Get the blindfolds off. Knowing these truths doesn’t make you more vulnerable. They make you more wise – if you pay heed and prepare. Live your life to the full – but be prepared so that when society crumbles all around, you have taken precautions. For yourself and your family. You know it has started. 

Be Wise. Daniel says THEY will understand these signs. Do not fear, for I am with you, says the Lord. Do not be dismayed for I am your God. Please take heed – even if your church, pastor, Bible college, seminary or denomination don’t teach this any more – remember that in itself is a major sign that the end of this age as we know it is drawing to a close. It is those who know their God who will do great and valiant things. And who will be able to stand.

If you want to get ALL of this in biblical perspective, then may I suggest that you order a brilliant DVD called “The Daniel Project“. I have blogged about it before, HERE and HERE. I have watched this DVD many times and I have had others watch it to. You really do need to arm yourself with knowledge as far as this world’s predicted crisis goes. But more importantly, keep you eyes on God, test everything by the measuring tool of His written Word. He IS coming soon, and to be honest, every person in the world is just ONE heartbeat away from meeting God, either they will be wearing the bridal gown or they will be clothed in sin. ONE heartbeat away! That’s  it.