“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” THIS is really scary!!!

I read something yesterday that really explained a few things to me. I am not going to post my thoughts on it today… but I will give you a quote with a link for you to got to and read the whole article in context. This really needs to be read and understood. There are people out there who are really scared of what’s happening in the US and in other western countries also.

So… here you go…

 “The Istanbul Process,” sponsored last December in a three-day, closed-door meeting in Washington D.C. by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, attempts to make it an international crime to discuss “religion” — code for Islam. This proposal to criminalize free speech was repeated in September at the UN by the Ambassador from Pakistan, its sponsor; and repeated again by Egypt’s new President, Mohamed Morsi.

The scary part now is that the U.S. president seems to agree.

It was difficult to listen to the President of the United States recent statement at the United Nations, that, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” The president of the United States was declaring to the world that critics of Mohammed are wrong; that they do not have a rightful cause; that they must not be heard, respected, taken seriously, and that they will have no future in America.

For thirty years, I grew up hearing similar threats from Islamic sheikhs across the Middle East. They told us, “You insult the prophet Mohammed, you die” — as the Islamic law of Sharia requires. There are still Sharia books bought and sold in America; they clearly say: “The penalty for insulting the prophet is death, even if one repents.” What constitutes “insulting the prophet” could be anything minor, such as saying that Mohammed married a nine-year-old — a fact — but if the remark is stated in way that might be perceived as critical, it is considered an “insult.”

Sharia law also condemns to death – or, as Obama states, “must have no future” — those who leave Islam, or even simply state they have left Islam — and why. Islam considers stating why a person leaves Islam also to be an “insult,” as well as subversion of the Islamic State; it, too, constitutes a capital crime.

Even though Obama’s threat was subtle — he did not use the word “death,” but instead, “no future,” — the statement sounds just as threatening, especially to former Muslims, who daily receive death threats from members of the Religion of Peace. After Obama’s UN speech, this author, and several other former Muslims, concluded that we do not feel safe under this administration. And now we are being told by the President of the United States to be silent about the religion we were born in and escaped from.

A former-Muslim friend, who said he wishes to stay anonymous, went so far as to say that he was afraid the Obama administration could leak information about us, such our addresses. [read the entire article HERE]

8 thoughts on ““The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” THIS is really scary!!!

  1. It is scary! I was thinking today about the Age of Englightenment and how one result was that the Bible became scrutinised and criticised. Universities continually consider the Bible full of myths and academics pride themselves on freeing society from these myths. Why is it then that the Koran is treated so differently?

    Surely academics would be doing society justice in freeing muslims from the shackles of Islam. They hide under the guise of being sensitive to other cultures but maybe it is that they are scared. The whole “criticise Mohammed and you die” is probably not something academics wish to encounter!


    • Hi Tania,

      Some have said that as Christianity had its reformation, so must Islam. It won’t though because the western left are pandering to a system that cannot exist democratically. I hear the death gargles of democracy, don’t you?


  2. I had sent article in September to a friend who replied thus, “Do you really believe this stuff? He defends christianity but because he doesn’t use the words that the writer wants, he is painted as anti-Christian.”


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