Calvin Smith talks about Postmodernism…

Postmodernism. It’s a word that we have all come across, yet do we understand it? Can we understand it? And is it a bad thing or good thing, or both? These questions are asked and answered by Calvin Smith during his latest interview on Revelation TV. If postmodernism confuses you and you wonder how the gospel and the Word of God has been affected by it, then the interview is a must see.  Here are just a few notes that I have jotted down as I watched the video.

Throw out God, then man becomes the measure of all things. Yeah… trust that, NOT!

Relativism is the order of the day. Post modernism is Intolerant of intolerance.

Re-contextualising the bible is fine and good, but redefining it is dangerous.

If you don’t have a meta-narrative or deny one all together, (the Greeks lost theirs and their civilisation was lost) then you have nothing to hang anything on.

Tolerance does NOT mean to sanction.

Know yourself and your Christian faith, walk among the sinners making sure you have the full armor on. Sinners should not affect your walk. Walk strong in your faith in hopes of affecting those around you. Living an incarnational life is fine, but you should not waver on the fundamentals of the Christian faith and you should be free to express these fundamentals to others if they claim to live a tolerant life considering the pluralistic society that we live in. It goes both ways.

God’s Grace is still upon this world, we have to find ways to extend that grace and love to this world. Keep working while you still can.

I really hope you set aside one hour of your time to watch this interview. I thought it was great!