Monergism — free mp3s!!!

Dear friends of

Just giving you all the heads up on something that Monergism has done. They have a whole lotta free mp3s available for you listening pleasure. I haven’t listened to them all, so I won’t endorse them all, but you may find some really good things here….

With funding that was largely provided by you, we are pleased to announce the unveiling of a major project that we have been working on every day for the last 9 months — a best-of-the-web MP3 collection by Scripture,by Speakerby Topic and by Series. If it pleases the Lord, we pray this new addition to the site will be useful to the edification of the whole church. Here at we want to serve you through a website that provides quality resources, information and theology to help you live for Christ… Understanding that your time is short and the demands for that time are plentiful, we know that the Internet is full of resources vying for your attention… So we have made available the largest one-stop hub for the best free Reformed/evangelical MP3 resources on the web. [source]