Dominionists want to RULE the WORLD!

I have just gone over to a site that actually blew my mind. I knew Dominionism was bad, but I had NO idea how bad and how sinister it is all becoming. The push and drive behind such political, social changes has been outlined in 17 governing principles which pretty much says that the World MUST come under the authority of a biblically based, theocratic governing rule BEFORE Christ can come back!
What a load of rubbish. This is done by taking a certain scripture out of ALL sensible context… Genesis 1:28 God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and subdue it. Rule the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, and every creature that crawls on the earth.” and building a WHOLE doctrine that ONE verse. (In the KJV it says… ‘subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea…’ which means; rule, to take, bring into bondage, force, bring into subjection.)
Never mind that this verse is NOT talking about bringing people/society/governments into subjection under some kind of warped theocratic government. Correct me if I’m wrong, I only see the earths creatures mentioned here, NOT humans. How is this ANY different to Muslims and their call for Sharia law in the world? How on EARTH can any human government properly exercise a theocracy based on the bible. Only Jesus can do that without error. His rule will be perfect, but as for MAN trying this… it’s downright scary! To me it sounds a lot like the setting up of a kingdom that will be smashed by the mountain made from NO HANDS in the last days. Book of Daniel anyone?? Oh, that’s right, these lot don’t like to think about eschatology, do they! This just has Antichrist written ALL over it. A theocracy without Jesus, a recipe for an anti-jesus if you ask me.
Anyway, enough of my ranting. You get where I’m coming from. So, here are a few bits and pieces I have found for you to read and be cautioned on.
Dominion theory wants to infiltrate 17 spheres of everyday life…COR developed the 17 World View Documents, which set forth what we believe are fundamental and
essential Biblical principles governing 17 major areas or spheres of human life and activity: law, government,
economics, business and professions, education, art and media, medicine, science and technology, psychology
and counseling, Christian unity, local and world evangelism, discipleship, helping the hurting, educating
Christians about social and political moral issues, revitalizing Christian colleges and seminaries, marriage and
the family, and pastoral renewal.
Each of these 17 spheres are found in the  link below… Here’s a quick blurb about what think about the rapture and anyone who believes in it…
I want to add that the Dominionist do have varying beliefs about the rapture of the church. Some believe the wicked will be raptured and some believe there will only be a rapture when we fulfill God’s mandate. However many believe there is no rapture of the church. His mandate they believe is their mandate  to make disciples and build the kingdom on earth. However, they all will compromise with other religions  building this theocratic kingdom on earth.
At the meeting they said that the rapture of the church was occultic and came from pagan sources. So, under their theocratic rule or “New Covenant” would I get the death penalty for believing in the Rapture. I guess I will.
We need to be seriously looking at what these people are saying and believing.
I want to quote from Dennis Peacock “Winning the Battle for the Minds of Men” “Christians should go out into the world and do far more than simply evangelize: they should be prepared to rule. It is their destiny.” page 147) Again he says on page 61 “Whoever sets the civil laws rules the nations, this is why Christ told Christians in the Great Commission to be the ones who set them.” [source]
Also, check this out…

Some key beliefs of COR as stated in its Sphere (Christian World View) Documents [“Social, Political and Moral Issues” (SPM); “Local and World Evangelism” (LWE); “Helping the Hurting” (HH); “Business and Occupations” (BO); “Art and Communication” (AC); “Pastoral Renewal” (PR); and the “42 Articles of the Essentials of a Christian World View” (42E)] follow:

Article 20 (SPM): “We deny that God and His truth should ever be separated from the State; this should put to rest the Reconstructionists’ claim that the Church will not control the government in a theonomic society.”

Article 22 (SPM): “Christians must be involved in all processes and offices of civil government in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ … such involvement is part of the Church’s prophetic role in society.” [Where in Scripture is this “prophetic role” of the Church? It doesn’t exist. Where, too, are we commanded to involve ourselves in the political process in order to be “in obedience”?]

Article 21a (LWE): “The ultimate goal of missions … must be the totality of the gospel and the necessity of Christ’s lordship in all of its fullness for all the life of individuals, families, churches, states, and other aspects of society.” [If the drafters of this document had omitted the word “states” there would not be much quarrel. But nowhere in Scripture are missionaries mandated to even exert influence on states, let alone bring them under the lordship of Christ.]

Preface (HH): “The church must conform social, economic, legal, educational, medical, and governmental structures to Biblical order.” [Had COR said “influence” or “inform” rather than “conform,” there would be no quarrel.] [much more found HERE]

It seems that ALL peoples under ALL religious persuasion can come under the “Christian World View of the Law“…

We affirm that while there is an integral relationship between a society’s world view foundations and its views of law, basing jurisprudence and a legal system on Christian foundations is not an “establishment of the Christian religion,” because Christian theology and philosophy are, among other things, sources of law; that theology and philosophy are not “the law;” and that the mere expression of Biblical values in man-made law does not force anyone in society to express a belief in the God of the Bible or to worship Him against his will.

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