Big Brother — you better believe it!

I am not going to add anything to this, except to say that we are FAST approaching a society that will be ruled by the Antichrist and his minions. Our freedoms will be lost and we had bet get right with God and pray for His strength because we are only going to get through this with God’s help.

So, here is part of the article about Australians losing another piece of their freedom. I have included a few comments that have followed this article for you too.

God be with you all.

With the passage of the Cybercrime Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 in the Senate yesterday, the Australian government gained the power to demand the storage of citizens’ personal data from telephone and internet usage at the behest of foreign governments. This was necessary, we were told, because Australia had to accede to the European Cybercrime Convention.

The convention, described by the US Electronic Frontier Foundationas “one of the world’s worst internet law treaties”, is designed to enable governments to investigate citizens of other countries for activities ranging from terrorism, fraud and child p-rnography to filesharing, political activism and dissent. Crikey’s coverage of the bill’s progress is here. [READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE]

Here are some good comments:

Our esteemed canberra leaders are demonstrably IT illiterate, and are now selling out the average australian’s safety.

When a fibre NBN (almost un-limited capacity) was discounted by pollies with plaintive wails ”

it should all be wireless (a limited capacity)” I got concerned, now this extra invasion of our right to privacy, I am downright fearful.Couple this with the writing on the wall “Assange is the new David Hicks” , and it’s message, “the US can get you no matter where you are from, and whatever your perceived crime in their eyes is”

I am more scared of the fall out on my life from this security sellout than global warming.

The European Cybercrime Convention and the rest of the global surveillance apparatus is really world government by stealth. A world govt without realizing you are being governed. That is until they announce it and introduce themselves. Elected govts in Western Nations either aid and abet this or are completely duped into submission.

Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither

— Benjamin Franklin

Still the NWO juggernaut presses steadily forward, whilst the people are fully focused on their little gadgets that show who they are, where they are, & who they are communicating with 24/7 with all the info then held so that any part of it may form some bizarre kind of incrimination against us in a future life where we may have become politically active. Then under a similar so called (Patriot Act) we are whisked away with no one knowing where we are, we could simply be put down as a missing person, or held in massive prison/concentration camps awaiting our fate.

Yes Mr Orwell knew a thing or two & way ahead of his time, he also knew the game and even how it was to play itself out. I wonder what other old sci-fi literature is now starting to fit a more realistic picture. I also wonder how many of us here are to play the role of future resistance & those of us who would eventually sell out for their tenuous & fearful hold on life.

Now that world goverments have sold us out and allowed the privateers to control the flow of all information we may as well roll over & teach ourselves to play dead, who knows it may one day actually save us. Next comes the (privatised prison farms) just like the ones in the U.S where you can be jailed for unpaid parking fines, yes folks the future is bright and still the people sleep……..


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