Biblical views on money, greed and tithing. Do I have the right motives?

I have just finished watching a GREAT video about money, greed, tithing and the prosperity gospel. My mate Calvin Smith was interviewed recently addressing this very difficult topic, and I have to say that it was BRILLIANT. I would dearly love for you to watch this hour long program and see if you were blessed by it. You can watch the program HERE. I just love how Calvin puts things, and how he is able to be clear about such touchy subjects that many struggle with.

On a personal note, I had a few things come to my mind about giving and greed. The first thing for me is this… my hubby and I give financial help to our children. One child in particular we give a lot more help because she is a single mother to my adorable grandson and she doesn’t have a job at the moment. We help where we can, we do this because we love her and we do this because I think that the Lord would want us to do this with a grateful heart. I am reminded of the verse: If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever (1 Timothy 5:8).

Sometimes we do get a little upset about it (here comes the ungrateful heart) because we aren’t really going forward with money, but backwards. But I know that God is with us and I know that He will look after us because we do it out of love for her, and love for God first. I am NOT looking to be blessed with more money or material things at all, but I am looking for God to be with us when we will be in need and that He will provide for us. I look at this situation as looking after a little boy who has no father and a mother who has no support. She pretty much gleans from the outer edge of our productive field.

Perhaps when we give to her, I shall just say that this is God’s blessing for you my child. This may really witness to her the very real presence of a loving Father (and also her father here on earth). She HATES asking us for money as she knows that we are not rich by any means, but THIS day we can spare some money. But there is a time in the not too distant future where we will have to find quite a bit of money to pay towards our tax. This scares me sometimes, but I hand this fear over to the Lord, and this will be the time of true testing for us and a time that I have to hold onto God and His promise to meet our needs. Perhaps I should go fishing and check inside the fishes mouth to pay Ceasar!

I don’t want to fear this coming day, I don’t want to resent helping her and my other children because I really don’t care if I am driving a ten year old car and living in a house that needs some attention. I don’t want to hoard money or store things up on this earth at all. The way I see it, I am not hungry, I am not cold, I have a bed and I have a family who I adore. I honestly feel blessed with what I DO have, and I am not seeking God to help us with more money so that we can get a nicer home, car or anything material at all. I just want to help, live modestly and pay Ceasar. I actually feel grateful with what I do have. I thank God pretty much everyday for what I do have.

Second thing was this… I have met people who are struggling with money for reasons of unemployment or other circumstances beyond their control (this may be us come tax time) and my question is this: Can people who are struggling actually have a love of money because they think that money will solve everything? Can poor people actually be guilty of coveting and actually fall into the category of “The love of money is the root of all evil”?

I do know that God can provide us ‘for a time’, and then He can take it away when He wants. Have you ever thought about how your reaction would be if God decided to take your financial stability away? Would you fall into a covetous situation, or would you be drawn to the provision that God, in His wisdom, may give you no matter how little that was? Would you be able to accept your daily manna without storing for the future? This is a MASSIVE question isn’t it?

One thing I understood from the message that Calvin gave is that our motivation for ‘money creation’ and our motive ‘for giving’ is the most important thing to God. Our motive pretty much determines where our treasures are stored. I just pray that if sometimes my motive is wrong then God will show me (hopefully in a gentle way). Even the times when I resent giving but still feel that I have to, I pray that God will bring me back to a place where I can trust HIM in our financial future.

I am in a difficult position because my husband is NOT saved, and he doesn’t understand this whole concept in a biblical way. But when he gets a little frustrated as he sees what is in store for us in the future, he still helps out with our children financially. I pray that very soon my daughter is able to get a job and be quite a bit independent from us financially.  But the first thing I pray is for her to see God in her life and accepts Him as her Saviour. I thank God everyday that he has provided for us and our family THIS day, and I really try hard NOT to look towards tomorrow.

This post is quite a personal one for me, and I really hope you don’t mind that I shared this with you. I really hope that you watch the video in the link provided. It takes you to Calvin’s blog, which has MANY excellent posts that cover a wide range of topics.

So, if after you have watched the video please feel free to chat about it here and/or on Calvin’s blog. It’s a topic that isn’t addressed that often but I am so glad to have taken it on.

God bless you all



3 thoughts on “Biblical views on money, greed and tithing. Do I have the right motives?

  1. Wonderful post! I have not had a chance to watch the video yet, but have it in my stack! Money is such a testing and telling issue isn’t it? I have my struggles too. I have worked now for 38 yrs. and look forward so much to retirement and having more time. BUT, when I see the financial system and it’s possible failure on a grand scale my first reaction is anger… “I’ve worked my whole life and it better be there for me when my turn comes!… etc, etc.” So many other issues in relation to all that too but will kick my soap box aside 🙂

    I say all that to say that I wonder, if it all went to pot how WOULD I behave? Is what /I/ have accomplished and think I deserve what I am trusting and relying on? I pray it never is! I know that this world is not my place of rest and that all it’s so called rewards are rubish compared to the real treasure of being with God for all eternity!!

    The coveting issue you raise is a very interesting one. Will possibly weigh in further after listening to the video! Blessings to you and your hubby for your love and generosity towards your children 🙂


  2. Just finished the video and it is very good; well worth the time to listen to. I think it was a comfort to me in how I think. The “money in the bowl” clip at the first was truly amazing. Very influenced by the actions of the others.

    Contentment, heart and motive… that IS where it’s at. God knows our hearts. Where are treasure is….(Matt 6:19-)

    Not measuring our success by the world’s standards. Giving sacrificially, not to get but out of obedience and love. Money is not a sign of success! His illustration using Paul was perfect 🙂

    Calvin has a wonderful way of teaching and I always enjoy the interviews with that host. His comments about tithing were very good.

    Thanks for the link. Hope others will watch it too… timely topics and excellently discussed.


    • Glad you enjoyed it Lorrie. There is much to ponder on. And you are correct, Calvin has a wonderful way of making hard topics palatable without sacrificing truth 😀


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