The Syrian build up…

Isa 17:1  The burden of Damascus. Lo, Damascus is taken away from being a city, And it hath been a heap–a ruin. 

Syria has begun moving its chemical weapons stockpile out of storage, U.S. warns

  • Syria has undeclared arsenals of sarin nerve agent, mustard gas, cyanide
  • U.S. officials fear Assad may want to use weapons against rebels or civilians
  • Others believe he is trying to safeguard stockpile from his opponents

Syria has started to move part of its chemical weapons arsenal out of storage facilities, according to U.S. officials.

The country’s undeclared stockpiles of sarin nerve agent, mustard gas and cyanide have long worried the U.S. officials and its allies in the region, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Western nations have looked for signs amid the rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad’s government of any change in the location of those weapons, believed to be the world’s largest stockpile.

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Russia ready for showdown with UK over arms being transported to Syria in cargo ship

Russia is heading for a diplomatic stand-off with Britain over a cargo ship carrying helicopter gunships destined for Syria, which is accompanied by the Russian navy.

The Russian MV Alaed, which is transporting three Mi-25 attack helicopters and air defence systems, is sailing south of Norway followed at a distance of 50 nautical miles by the four navy ships.

Last month, Britain dramatically halted the Alaed off the coast of Scotland by withdrawing its London-based insurance cover, citing an EU ban on arms deliveries to the government in Damascus.

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    Article Highlights
    Syria has one of the largest and most sophisticated chemical weapons programs in the world and may also possess offensive biological weapons.
    Longstanding terrorist groups and newly arrived Al Qaeda-affiliated fighters from Iraq have been active in Syria during that country’s recent insurgency.
    The United States and regional powers — including Saudi Arabia and Iran — need to start planning now to keep Syria’s WMD out of terrorist hands if the Assad regime falls.


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