Morphett Vale Baptist Church is into this stuff???

angels and demons
by *t-o-n-e

To my horror today, I went over to see what my old Church was up to via their website.  The reason I went there is because I have family members who still attend that Church. The church are having a guest speaker come, called James Goll…. and he is into “Contemplative Prayer’ and ‘Angel encounters. Check this out…

The vision of Encounters Network is to unite and mobilize the body of Jesus Christ by teaching and imparting the power of intercession, prophetic ministry, and life in the Spirit. We accomplish this through: Encounters Events where people experience God’s presence, Encounters Communications where the vision is cast, Encounters Resources where believers are equipped for Kingdom impact, and Encounters Acts where we demonstrate compassion through various missions endeavors.

Goals of this ministry are networking with leaders in the church and marketplace; friendship and relational care for itinerant, outreach, and missions ministries; training believers through conferences, seminars and outreaches; creating quality materials to reproduce life in the Spirit.

Encounters Network is an expression of the life of Jesus Christ as demonstrated through a team of servant leaders. We are friends in Jesus who are members of evangelical, Spirit-filled congregations around the world. [source]

Go HERE to see what kind of occultic material you can buy.

Also, another guest speaker is Joshua Mills. You can find out about him HERE.

Next Wave International has strong links with the evangelical wing of the Christian church in Europe. Our work is definitely faith-based, but is not exclusive to the church. We are driven by a passion to help shape a better future for society as a whole, especially in Europe.

If any one has any more information on any of these two guys, please feel free to link some info in the comment section. Or you can email me at




4 thoughts on “Morphett Vale Baptist Church is into this stuff???

  1. Oh yeh Vee… Joshua Mills is into all that fake charismatic gold dust and gem stuff. Type his name with Patricia King at youtube and you’ll get an eye full.


    • Hi Carla!!!!!!!!!

      How are you?

      I hate what is happening to the bride! She is being abused! Thanks for tip 😀 So much of the body of Christ is hurting right now and I know that the Lord is cleaning His House. I just pray for people within the body to come OUT! And for strength for those who are discerning and speaking out against things like this. So many attacks from different angles. I feel that I have been in the valley for such a long time now.

      Thanks for popping by and commenting, Carla… nice to hear from you again.

      Love always



  2. Hey dear sister,

    I’m good, hope all is well with you and yours! Miss talking with you!

    I know… so sad to see what is happening too.



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