QR yourself! MoTB!

Check this out. If you haven’t heard of QR then you need to. You can walk around with this kinda barcode on your t-shirt, have it on your business card, cups, stickers and goodness knows what. It holds a LOAD more information that can be supplied by either t-shirts and business cards with the normal kinda information, it’s instantly downloadable to your iPhone, iPad, smart phone and Android.  MoTB here we come. Let’s use this to our advantage, after all, we have all been outed with our information that we have given. I am guessing that I have, and I say BRING IT ON! NO more fear. I am standing up for the TRUTH.

Just d0wnload the app “GR” which stands for,  Quick Response  or Quirified code. Let’s use it to our advantage. Quirify your cup, your t-shirt, your business cards, your websites, your FB profile page (which I have) and tell the world the message that the Lord has personally placed on your heart. Be smart about it, be relevant, and have something that gets ppl wanting to know more. Be controversial and counter cultural. Turn those tables and get that whip out!


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