Transhumanism — the future is all about control!

I’m doing a little research on IBM lately. To me it looks like they are wanting to control the populace using very sophisticated technology, linking all our brains together to form a singularity. IBM has a bit of a dirty history with Nazi Germany, they were the ones that developed the Punch Card system, and they knew exactly how Nazi Germany utilised their punch card machine.

When Germany wanted to identify the Jews by name, IBM showed them how. When Germany wanted to use that information to launch programs of social expulsion and expropriation, IBM provided the technologic wherewithal. When the trains needed to run on time, from city to city or between concentration camps, IBM offered that solution as well. Ultimately, there was no solution IBM would not devise for a Reich willing to pay for services rendered. One solution led to another. No solution was out of the question.

Work and bread was the theme IBM and Dehomag used again and again to describe their venture—all in support of the National Socialist goal. As Heidinger told his audience, “Public interest prevails over private interest.” [IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation by Edwin Black]

This is scary stuff. I remember talking to my dear friend about information overload in this technocratic age we live in, and how this will produce automotive people, we will not have enough space in our thoughts to make any true autonomous decisions. Is this a future we really want? There is a very different future that awaits for us. I for one do NOT want to be a part of it.

Buzz words to look out for are; Internet of Things, Blue Gene, Big Blue, “5 in 5”, and Big Blue’s Smarter Planet initiative . (Please let me know of others if you come across them).

Some of these new ideologies to make this all come together are Technocracy, The Zeitgeist Movement, Venus Project, Ecosocialism (Green Politics), Transhumanism,Posthumanism, Singularity Movement, Gaia Principle (new collectivism), Deep Ecology, EarthCharter, Interfaith Faith Dialogue, Ecumenism. Read THIS!

Anyway, check out part of IBM’s statement about the “5 in 5″…

The following list is meant to promote long-term work being done under Big Blue’s Smarter Planet initiative–and the company says “5 in 5” already has a track record of success. In 2008, IBM says, it suggested that within five years, consumers would talk to the Web–and the Web would respond.

Science fiction becomes reality. Worlds collide. The future is now…or within five years, at least.

At the end of each year, IBM examines market and societal trends expected to transform our lives, as well as emerging technologies from IBM’s global labs, to develop a multi-year forecast called The Next 5 in 5.

IBM predicts that over the next five years technology innovations will change the way we work, live and play in the following ways:
* Mind reading is no longer science fiction.
* You will be able to power your home with the energy you create yourself.
* You will never need a password again.
* The digital divide will cease to exist.
* Junk mail will become priority mail.

Go the the IBM website to learn more.

Here’s the video from IBM…

I have just touched the surface of this alarming technology. If you have any information that you can add, please feel free to do so.


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  1. IBM – “World Peace through World Trade”
    Thomas Watson Sr.’s hopeful slogan expressed his enormous faith in free trade. The slogan appeared on a building plaque, shown here, that greeted visitors to the IBM headquarters building at 590 Madison Avenue in New York, completed in 1938.

    IBM – World Community Grid…
    Computers, like human brains, typically operate at only a small percentage of their capacity; they often sit idle as a processor waits for data. But what if, instead of idling away their down time, computers could be turned into powerful research tools operating around the clock?

    IBM – World Community Grid…
    In 2004, IBM asked this question and answered it by joining forces with leading science, education and philanthropic organizations to create one of the largest public humanitarian grids in existence. Enabled by IBM technology, World Community Grid ® is powered by a volunteer force of more than half a million people in 80 countries around the world who have donated the idle processing power of more than one million computers to create a “virtual supercomputer” devoted solely to humanitarian research.

    IBM – Predictive Crime Fighting…
    From a technology standpoint, the best way to allocate resources in a policing organization is to move from a reactive stance to a more predictive posture—to get officers where they need to be, when they need to be there, and with the right information for them to act quickly and decisively. Only within the last two decades, however, has technology made the necessary advances to help assume this predictive posture.

    IBM – The Mapping of Humanity’s Family Tree…
    The Genographic Project is a landmark project to reconstruct the history of human migration by analyzing DNA samples from hundreds of thousands of people living today. Launched in April 2005, the collaboration between IBM and the National Geographic Society is creating a comprehensive knowledge base of our shared genetic heritage, a unique resource that continues to refine our understanding of human history.

    IBM – The Globally Integrated Enterprise…
    Over the coming decades, IBM expects to continue expanding globally at a rapid pace—in both the clients it serves and the talent it taps. It set up a business unit in 2008 to target emerging markets and expects the percentage of its revenues from those countries to grow from 18 percent that year to more than 25 percent in 2015, contributing 50 percent of the company’s revenue growth over this period. For instance, IBM had just 10 branch offices in Africa and the Middle East in 2000; by 2010, it had 23 offices, and expects to expand to 40 by 2015.
    The globally integrated enterprise is a new kind of commercial organization, responding to a new era in global economics. As it evolves, it has the potential not only to achieve efficiencies and enable profitable growth, but also to help bridge gaps between countries and cultures in ways that could improve global security and promote peace.


    • Imagine a future where some sources of unsolicited advertisement produce such useful and perfectly timed ads, that you would signup. A world where virtually ever text message or email pushed at you is so relevant that this “service” starts feeling like a best friend.

      Here at IBM we are working on sensemaking technologies where the data finds the data, and relevance finds you. Drawing on data points you approve (your calendar, routes you drive, etc.), predictions from such technology will seem ingenious.


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