The Occult in Pop Culture today — do you see it?

A dear friend of mine ( you know who you are ) just posted something very true on FB today. I wanted to share with you part of the conversation…

Friend: With books with titles such as ‘Beautiful Demon’ and ‘The Ghost in Me’ targeting your kids, are you educating your kids biblically on the ‘paranormal’? […] This is just the tip of the iceberg, some of the books I see are even more disgusting than a normal mind can come up with on its own – at least I hope so. It’s like everything vile combined: vampire/werewolf/fallen angel/half-human erotica and with a supposed romance plot of finding ‘true love’. Some of the book descriptions I don’t even read all the way thru, it’s so vile. 

Me:   …preparing the way for the Nephilim!  I bet there is even a book out there even called Azazel. Or a character with that name it it. And the young would NOT have a clue about the Watchers! When I was involved with the occult, I would have lapped these book up. For those who know the occult, you get to see where it is being used. Music, videos, films, books. It is everywhere. Alistair Crowley and Madam Blavatsky would be thrilled to see it being accepted as part of pop culture today. The wonderful seduction of evil, which is all dressed up in light is hard to resist. These young minds are being seduced into the occult without even know what the occult is. Their minds are easy picking, as was mine when this all happened to me. But the Lord saved me, along with others who were also into this kind of thing. I have never been so grateful…. What I was actually going through when I thought I had it all under control, was too horrific to speak of here. Let’s just say that I know the otherside, and have seen its real face. It AIN’T pretty when it finally decides to unmask itself. The interesting thing is. It all seems so new and fresh, and each story that is told is thought to be a new one. Yet, it is the same story that relates right back to Genesis 6 but dressed up in modern form.

Do you see what is really happening here? There is a massive seduction taking place, it is spiritual in nature and most are blind to it! We need to pray and put on the full armour of God and understand that we are wrestling with things that are a bit unseen.


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