Australian Politics and the New World Order…

Bob Brown from ‘The Green’ party here in Australia, is VERY influential in our ruling party, Labor. Labor gained power because of the Green vote a few years ago, so Labor can’t do a thing without the backing of the Greens and other smaller independents.

In a recent important speech, in one fowl swoop, Bob Brown spoke about earthians, aliens, global governance, and environmental issues. He mentions something as the 4 E’s, those being:  Economy, Equality, Ecology and Eternity, along with a catch phrase… One person, One vote, One value. (Keep in mind that Bob Brown has publicly defended  against a supposed CIA plot where the Greens/Greenpeace have supposedly accepted money from the Rockefeller Foundation)…

The author of a Greenpeace report on an environmental campaign designed to disrupt Australia’s coal industry has admitted receiving funding from the US-based Rockefeller Family Fund.

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It seems there is something going on between the CIA and Greenpeace. This is crazy stuff! Anyway, back to Bob Brown and his recent freaky speech…

He basically said that perhaps the reason we have not had any alien visitation, is because they — in their evolutionary path — reached our same level of evolution, but then they may have destroyed their planets and have made themselves extinct! That is why we haven’t had the pleasure of any alien visit this earth. THIS is a party that holds balance of power in OUR country! What can I say.

Here is part of this speech…

So let us resolve

that there should be established

for the prevalence and happiness of humankind

a representative assembly

a global parliament

for the people of the Earth

based on the principle of

one person one vote one value;

and to enable this outcome

that it should be a bicameral parliament

with its house of review

having equal representation

elected from every nation.

An Earth parliament for all.

This is GOLD! It would be funny if it were’t so scary.

Here is a short youtube of Bob Brown being questioned about his recent speech…

Here is all the evidence you will ever need to prove that Senator Bob Brown is actively working towards implementing his dream of a one world government and global parliament…

“The Australian” paper even picked up on Bob Brown’s speech in a piece called “Earth to Gillard: Watch Bob Brown”

When Brown took the Hobart Town Hall stage to enthusiastic applause 10 days ago, he said: “Never before has the universe unfolded such a flower as our collective human intelligence, so far as we know.” We are told he also joined in singing his own composition, the Song of the Earth.

[…] Just a few days earlier Brown described mining magnate Clive Palmer’s comments about the CIA bankrolling the Greens anti-coal campaigns as “stupid”. Foreign Minister Bob Carr said he expected the US to contact him “expressing bewilderment that someone so close to Tony Abbott, the alternative prime minister, is raving about a CIA plot to wreck the Australian economy”.

Palmer’s comments were loopy but given Brown is in a formal alliance with the government, and he controls the balance of power in the Senate, we might expect our great and powerful friends to be more interested in his ravings.

Brown described the 20th century as a battle between “capitalism and communism” but he now sees the way forward as “some of both” — so there’s something in the speech for Beijing and Washington; McCarthy and Marx.

More importantly foreign diplomats might be perturbed by his plan for a global democracy — which he tells us came to him like a comet under a starry night sky.

And they call us Christians NUTS!