False Prophet is NEARLY here…

‎::: Preparation for the False Prophet and those who speak “peace, peace” when there is no peace :::
God reveals the next stage as the scenario unfolds and Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism hold hands and share ‘A Common Word’.

After much research, Bethel Communications reveals that the same man who initiated ‘A Common Word’ – is the one in charge of what happens on The Temple Mount with the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa mosque. Who can say yea or nay to the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. The same one who dialogues with the Pope and the Dalai Lama and who had his resolution for The World Interfaith Harmony Week unanimously adopted by the UN in 2010.

He helped to deliver The Amman Message of tolerance within Islam. This man is a direct descendent of the Islamic prophet Mohammed, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee twice over – and he isn’t even 50 years old yet.

This is the one who Rick Warren, Brian McLaren, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Yonggi Cho, Bill Hybels, YWAM, OM and Vineyard have all supported in his initiative to bring peace between the two religions as they find ‘A Common Word’ between Christianity and Islam.

Oh – and one other thing. He has now come up with the brilliant concept that you don’t even need to have any religion/faith to sign up to this New Religious World Order. And the UN agrees.

It all sounds very attractive, doesn’t it? Read the article by clicking on the link below. Accompanying pdfs of proof documentation can be found on their website which is being relaunched next month. Details in the article.

Please SHARE as widely as you can and be sure to credit Bethel Communications for the many hours of research that has gone into this!

Further to our article about the coming False Prophet (see “False claims that the Islamic Isa is the same as the Christian Jesus” in ‘Notes’ at https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=378871042140679 ), the proof of the greatest and most dangerous move towards the antichrist kingdom that m…


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  1. If you are amazed at how quickly things are happening and want to know more about the Vector’s of prophecy… see this link:


    How might the fulfilment of prophecy in the Last Days mirror the way prophecies were fulfilled at Christ’s First Coming?
    Consider the following:
    • 100% of the prophecies were given over a 2,000 year period, but completely fulfilled in about a 35 year period.
    • But only 14% were fulfilled in the first 31

    years; 85% (6 times more) were fulfilled in about the final 3 years.
    • But in that 3 year only about of the remaining prophecies were fulfilled in the years leading up to the last
    • From the Triumphal Entry to Pentecost the remaining, or 58% of ALL prophecies concerning the First
    Coming were fulfilled.
    The lesson for the Last Days may be the same. After a period of about 2,00 years the “first stage” of prophecies takes place
    over the largest number of years, then the number of fulfilled prophecies doubles during the “second stage,” and finally, the
    number of fulfilled prophecies doubles again in the final moments. It mirrors Christ’s teaching of the “birth pangs,” that
    which comes with greater frequency and intensity the closer we get to the actual Return of Christ.


    • Dee, thanks for popping by and taking the time to comment. I appreciate that. I am glad you like my blog, and yes, I see that you have a similar perspective 😀

      In Christ



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