Move over mountains, it’s all about the KoG Circles now…

We have the seven mountains of dominion theology, and NOW we have Kingdom Circles. Yep, you heard right. Kingdom Circles. Not sure what these are? Well, meander over to this blog post, and you will learn all about them. Oh, and Rick Warren’s name pops up in this post too.

Another thing that keeps popping up is this thing called the C-5. I have blogged about that before HERE. It’s all about re-contextualisation, or has Jacob Prasch pointed out,  mis-recontextualization. Keep these terms in mind because I reckon we are going to hear a lot more about them.


2 thoughts on “Move over mountains, it’s all about the KoG Circles now…

  1. Oh my word! There is always something new to watch out for. Or actually, not new, just the devil repackaging his deception with a new approach. It still boils down to folks trying to say that God didn’t really say what He said. Just wears me out sometimes! These are not the days to lay down our armor as it seems the battle is becoming more furious. There is no more fence to straddle – pick your side folks!!! And be ready to defend it. My prayers are for wisdom, alertness and obedience for my brothers and sisters. For those in darkness I pray with all my heart that the Holy Spirit will do a work of recognition and reception in their hearts… oh let none be lost Lord! Revival \o/


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