Israel, the Church, the Palestinians — ‘Theology of the Land’.

I have just stolen the following from Jackie Alnor (Jackie, has a great blog by the way) concerning ‘Christ at the Checkpoint’. Have a read of the two articles  that follow Jackie’s introduction. It’s all about Israel, whether that nation has a right to the land and still has prophetic significance during our time; or has the Church replaced Israel…???

We’ve all seen pro-Israel conferences held by Christians – and even Mormons, as in the case of Glenn Beck. But now there’s an anti-semitic group of “Christians” having an Israel conferences – one to support the Palestinians. The usual suspects: Tony Campolo, Stephen Sizer,etc. 

Check this out…

Palestinian politicians are often accused of speaking sweetly about peace and co-existence in English to Western audiences but far more stridently in Arabic to their own constituency. Perhaps that same spirit afflicts organizers and defenders of Christ at the Checkpoint.

Another spokesman for Christ at the Checkpoint promises it will challenge the “theology of the land” and the “end times” beliefs of pro-Israel Christians, while advocating a “theology of peace.” But will this theology of peace also challenge Islamists and Palestinian nationalists who reject Israel’s existence or any future for Jews or Christians outside of subjugation? [source]

And Calvin Smith weighs in on his site…

Earlier this week Messianic leaders issued a joint statement responding to the forthcoming Christ at the Checkpoint conference. The statement is availablehere. (I mentioned this briefly in an earlier post), while the Messianic RPP site commented on it here. Later this week the organisers of Christ at the Checkpoint issued a response to the Messianic statement, which can be foundhere.

I have not really commented on this blog about Christ at the Checkpoint (CatC). However, in light of the public Messianic statement and the CatC response, now seems an appropriate time to do so…[source]

And, I would just like to remind everyone of Calvin’s most excellent piece regarding ‘replacement theology/supersessionism’ and the Church… exactly WHAT are we grafted into?


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    • I am not suprised to find Stephen Sizer’s name appear along with this movement. Make sure you read the post that Jacob Prasch wrote about Stephen Sizer. Sizer promised Jacob a live tv debate, Jacob was all for it, but Sizer backed down. Not surprising really. 🙂


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