The pieces of war are on the move — Israel and Iran edging towards conflict!

The world is on the brink of an all out war in the middle-east and most are unaware!

I was in the car this morning with my son, and there was a radio program playing that really caught my attention. On that program an Iranian Political Expert was speaking about the latest attacks on the Israeli embassies, and she was saying that this is the closest we have ever been to a full blown middle-eastern war in just over thirty years. She went on to say that Iran is saying that Israel attacked its own embassies, she sees that this could well be the case so that this gives Israel the right of a return attack. She said that this is just one possibility. The other is that Iran did indeed attach the Israeli embassies, and retaliation would happen in the not so distant future. She also mentioned that Israel recently said to the US that they would attack Iran without first notifying the US.

I have found four articles for you to read…

Newsweek: Israel keeping U.S. in the dark on Iran attack

According to article, Israel stops sharing plans regarding Iran in response to Obama’s May 2011 speech calling Israel to negotiate peace with Palestinians based on 1967 lines.

Mossad head Tamir Pardo’s visit to Washington around two weeks ago was meant to evaluate how the United States would react if Israel decided to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities on its own, Newsweek magazine reports this week.

A senior American official quoted in the story said that Pardo had come to Washington to “check the pulse” of the Obama administration and to ascertain the degree to which Washington opposes an Israeli strike. [source]

Exclusive: Iranian Payback? Hits on Israelis Mimic Attacks on Iran Scientists

Has Iran decided to turn Israeli tactics against Israel?

In a strike virtually identical to attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists, U.S. sources say a passing motorcyclist attached what appeared to be a shaped charge to an Israeli diplomatic vehicle in New Delhi, India. The driver and the wife of Israel’s deputy defense ministry representative to India were wounded, as were two people in a nearby car. [source]

Israel blames Iran after attacks on embassy staff

Reuters) – Israel accused arch-enemies Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah of being behind twin bomb attacks that targeted Israeli embassy staff in India and Georgia on Monday, wounding four people.

Tehran denied involvement in the attacks, which amplified tensions between two countries already at loggerheads over Iran’s nuclear program, and accused Israel of carrying out the attacks itself. Hezbollah made no comment. [source]

The last article is perhaps the most important one. It tells us of the 24 signs that we are getting closer to a middle-eastern war…

As the nations of the world take sides, there is even the potential that we could see World War III develop.  Let us hope that it never comes to that, but with the world as unstable as it is right now, you never know what may happen.

What makes war so much more likely now is that nobody has shown any signs of backing down. [read the rest to understand the 24 signs]


4 thoughts on “The pieces of war are on the move — Israel and Iran edging towards conflict!

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  2. Good reporting Vee… Amazing how one “person” can wreak havoc on the whole world. We all know who that is too…. Satan!!


    • Thanks Lorrie. Satan’s time is short, so he has to move quickly. Israel being back in the land would have started all of these prophetic events. The clock is ticking! I have read that two more attacks have happened.

      …”If Iran is indeed behind the spate of recent bombings and foiled attacks that have targeted Israeli and Jewish civilian institutions in India, Georgia, Azerbajan and Thailand—as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has alleged—then it has become crystal clear that Iran is at war with Israel, Zionism and Jewish communities throughout the world. “


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