John the Revelator saw the Drama of Our Present Church World

Just finished reading an excellent piece on the current religious situation…

Never before have church leaders been so intent on unifying all varying expressions of religion. It’s like a mad dash into the very spirit of Babylonian confusion. The World Council of Churches met some years ago in Australia. A leader, Nicholas Lossky, was asked by a television journalist, “How close are we to church unity?” His answer was, “Only God can answer that, we must do whatever we can for unity: but only God can decide to produce the event.” The same article that recounted this exchange stated, “Church unity is listed first among the WCC’s functions and purposes in its constitution.” The same article then mentioned a session on unity which included Deegalle Mahinda, a Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka. (Assembly Line, World Council of Churches, Seventh Assembly, Wednesday, February 13, 1991.)

via John the Revelator saw the Drama of Our Present Church World.

Now is the time, dear brothers and sisters, to prepare spiritually as we start to enter the night of tribulation. God is getting His House in order, do you want to be part of it?