Inquiring… Do we really act in faith?

I am not sure how many of you who come to this blog have been aware of a common thread in my personal posts. This is unintentional and I am quite surprised how God is working in my life.

It all started with having this deep feeling that the Bride is in preparation for something. I hear about this from face to face friends as well as FB friends… almost on a daily basis.

I have been praying about this preparation lately, and after one particular night I wrestled with it. The next morning, my reading for that day was about Abram being told to Arise and Go. I wondered if this is God’s part of His preparation for me and His bride. And so I queried Him and I asked “What does ‘Arise and Go’ mean?”

Recently something else has happened.

I was talking to one of my Christian friends about all of this, and we both came to the conclusion that to ‘Arise and Go’ would involve God DIRECTLY speaking to us if we indeed needed to do something as radical as what Abram was told to do. To prepare physically — which is totally different to preparing spiritually — without first inquiring of the Lord and hearing Him in no uncertain terms would NOT be acting in faith, but would rather be acting in the flesh, perhaps acting outside of God’s will.

Well… the very next morning my study was about Kind David. David inquired of the Lord! When David did this he had just fought the Philistines, winning a significant victory in battle. With God’s help David had easily put the Philistines to flight. The study went on to say the following…

It is important to note, however, that when the enemy came a second time, David did not immediately go to fight them, but he again, inquired of the Lord.  He waited  until God’s sign was given, not thinking that because he won last time, that he would go out and win again. It went on to say… if you desire to know the path of service for your life, take God as your compass. If you want to make God laugh, then make plans. Planning without seeking first the Lord’s counsel in not only unbiblical but also dangerous to our spiritual life, if not our physical life.

So, I am just putting it out there. I really DO think that God will direct His Bride, but she has to be able to honestly inquiring of the Lord before she does anything. She must not act outside of His will.

Not our plans, “but the plans of the Lord stand firm forever”. Ps. 33:11

What say you???


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  1. My reply is in the writing stages. I, like you, am a deep thinker. I will send it to you once I’m done. Interestingly enough, it too involves King David and inquiring of the LORD, but I started writing it 2 days before I read your post!

    God Bless


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