The bride is in preparation…

I belong to a group on FB, and one of the rules is that you are not to debate about the rapture timing. It is a pre-trib group, and they put up some very interesting bits of information and their love for Jesus is unwavering. I am not a pre-tribber, but a pre-wrather, I have links to some pretty good sites in my blogroll for those of you who are interested in the differences between the two view points. Anyway, they all know that I am pre-wrath, and haven’t booted me out of their group yet. All is good for the moment.

I have noticed others on there who are now questioning the pre-trib view. Now why this is happening could be for a couple of reasons. One — and I pray that this is the reason — that the Holy Spirit is busy at work and quickening the body of Christ into all truth. Two, the world is on the very edge of an all out middle-eastern war, possibly world war three. Maybe it’s a combination of these two and perhaps there are more reasons that I haven’t thought about.

Anyway… I thought that the following question from one of those in this particular group to be an interesting one…

My LOVE for CHRIST goes beyond my love for PRETRIB, and I think your all with me on that one but how many of you would have the same FAITH if the TRIB started without any sign of a RAPTURE???? (my faith would not go down any, just curious to see what you all think!

Judging from this question, I really think that there is a spiritual preparation going on. It’s pretty exciting, and a bit scary too.

Son 3:3 The one watching going about in the city found me. I said, Have you seen Him whom my soul loves?
Son 3:4 When I had passed on from them, it was a little while until I found Him whom my soul loves. I seized Him, and I did not let Him go until I had brought Him into my mother’s house, and into the room of her who conceived me.

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