Neo-Pagan world – yep sure is heading that way…

I have heard many good bible expositors say that we live in a post-Christian, neo-pagan world. I would have to agree, especially considering where the institutionalised church is heading, let alone the world at large! There is an obvious push for unity, pushing a subjective truth, a subjective path to god etc, etc,. I could go on, but you get the point.

Anyway… recently, Hubby and I went to some kinda sculpture exhibit along a beautiful beach front just the other day, I was interested because I think art really can reflect the times in which we live. Soooooo… Lucky you… I have some photos for you 🙂

They had names like ‘Enlightenment’ ‘Sun Worship’ and ‘Consciousness’. Hmmmmm.

I have to say though, I thought one of them was a surf board inside a wave, or a dolphin. I guess the ‘Sun Worship’ one reminded me of a sun disk, then I thought… ummmm, maybe it means that Australians love the sun and they will become wrinkled like this disc if they’re not careful. Then, the one with the eye within circles sitting on top of pyramid shape… well, that DID remind me of the All seeing eye that is on the American dollar note.

Interesting hey?