A new body – Who’s the head?

Just go to the link I am about to provide, and think on how the devil likes to have some kind of counterfeit in many different areas. I will just give you a small hint:

Rom 12:4 For even as we have many members in one body, but all members do not have the same function,
Rom 12:5 so we the many are one body in Christ, and each one members of one another…


Australian scientist Tim Flannery argues that humankind is evolving into a ‘super-organism’ where interdependence has profound consequences for the individual. 





2 thoughts on “A new body – Who’s the head?

  1. Socialism wrapped up in a nice little neat package where individuals are less competent, populations are controlled for the best outcome of the super organism. Everyone (allowed in) will have a lovely sustainable future with common beliefs. These worldviews are Tower-of-babel think. The devil with his few tricks, like an evil fisher of men… throwing the bait out, reeling it in, throwing it out again.. (throughout history) each time a little more sophisticated but still the same old lure. One day he will bite off more than he can chew and get the whopper but then as we know, God will put an end to him forever more!!! 😉


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