Atheists want a place of worship???

Atheists have long criticised devout followers of faith. But now it seems Atheism is stealing from that very religious tradition by erecting a temple of worship.

Author Alain de Botton announced plans to build an Atheist temple in the U.K., reports DeZeenmagazine.

A collaboration with Tom Greenall Architects, the structure will be built in the City of London.

Dedicated to the idea of perspective, the black tower will scale 46 meters (150 ft), with each centimeterhonoring earth’s age of 4.6 billion years, notes Wired. [source]

As one facebooker said…An Interesting revelation, are the purported Atheists actually Gaia Pantheists?
One of the things worth remarking about the “Progressives” is the view of Wholism, seeing individuals, groups, animals, plants and the environment as one living whole.

This is in line with the totalitarian view of Ecology, Green versions of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and of course the Bahais, the planet is a Collectivity where its parts ‘us’ submit to. This is the religious view on the Singularity of Transhumanists.
The Earth in Balance is Homeostasis of the scientific Systems Theory.