Catholicism today, is very much Pagan…

I am still reading “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs”, and I am absolutely floored at how this Roman WHORE church has ever survived. In my opinion what they did to those who were bible believing Christians is NO different from what is threatening the West now. And that threat is a growing religion, a pagan one as well, it is Islam.

Anyway, I was just going through some of my blog readers and came across some pagan traditions that this WHORE church still practice.

Pope Pius XII was the last Pope in Rome that was carried into the Vatican on the shoulders of his faithful.

The whole arrangement of this Papal ceremony is a true copy of pagan king adoration found on ancient wall paintings in Egypt.

One of the ministers of this blog raised this question:  Are the Roman Catholics motives behind copying paganism, a bid to make it easier for pagans to convert?

The Pope acts like a copy-cat of Egyptian pagan kings « News that matters.

And how about this lovely practice...

The principal celebrant at the Solemn Liturgy on Divine Mercy Sunday came bearing a special gift for the Marians of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“It’s a finger from his right hand from which he often gave a blessing to St. Faustina,” explained Br. Andrew R. Maczynski, MIC, general promoter of the Association of Marian Helpers.

The relic, which came encased in a golden monstrance, is about 5 centimeters long. It will be placed in the National Shrine, which is administered by the Marians.

I find it absolutely fascinating that the more the Roman Catholics tried to kill the protestants, the more people would come out of that whore church. We can thank the blood of Christ and the blood of such martyrs that we now have the written Word and the freedom to worship as we please and to have a personal walk with our Messiah.

Just read one small testimony…

And so they carried him to the filthy common prison of the town of Cadiz where he remained in irons fourteen days amongst thieves. All which time he so instructed the poor prisoners in the Word of God, according to the good talent which God had given him in that behalf, and also in the Spanish tongue to utter the same, that in that short space he had well reclaimed several of those superstitiuous and ignorant Spaniards to embrace the Word of God, and to reject their popish traditions. [Foxe’s Book of Martyrs]


One thought on “Catholicism today, is very much Pagan…

  1. No they do not practice paganism because it is easier to win pagans to Christ! 2012 WHAT PAGANS?

    The truth is there is a high Archy and power over the catholic church and this is the Illuminati! FACT all popes were high ranking masons, they entered the catholic church through the Jesuits and took over it. The masons also run the UN all members being high ranking masons, the USA and Europe and Ashia and some parts of Middle east are run and controlled by this global elite through currency, by the 13 family’s that own the worlds backing system. The masons are Luciferians.


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