The Chess pieces are on the move…

If you are wondering what is happening in the middle-east lately, then the video at the end of this post is a good one to watch.

I’m not too sure how many of you are aware that there is a strong military presence in the middle-east. Iran, Russia, France, US, Britain have all deployed troops and war craft to this area. Read this to gain a further understanding.

I think we have entered into World War 3 without even knowing about it.

Let’s understand that this has all been set up, the Arab Spring has divided countries creating a chasm waiting to be filled with leaders and movements from likes of the Muslim Brotherhood, who pretend to be democratic, yet are still wanting to wipe Israel off of the earth. The following youtube explains America’s involvement. It explains how Obama has supplied military weapons to such countries that are in total upheaval.

I am not sure how this play out to be honest with you. But times are going to get very rocky indeed.