The Gates of Hell will NOT prevail…

I have been reading Foxe’s Book of Martyrs recently, and I came across something that intriguing. The following words were put on the epitaphs of those who died as martyrs for Christ…..

“Here lies Marcia, put to rest in a dream of peace.”

“Lawrence to his sweetest son, borne away of angels.” 

“Victorious in peace and in Christ.” 

“Being called away, he went in peace.”

Remember when reading these inscriptions the story the skeletons tell of persecution, of torture, and of fire. But the full force of these epitaphs is seen when we contrast them with the pagan epitaphs, such as:

“Live for the present hour, since we are sure of nothing else.” 

“I lift my hands against the gods who took me away at the age of twenty though I had done no harm.” 

“Once I was not. Now I am not. I know nothing about it, and it is no concern of mine.” 

“Traveler, curse me not as you pass, for I am in darkness and cannot answer.”

The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me? Hebrews 13:6

This book is not easy to read, to think about our brothers and sisters in faith going through such horrific things is unimaginable. But somehow they managed to have faith and the strength, not of their own accord, but through the wonderful Counselor the Holy Spirit. I pray that if I go through any kind of trial that I can have God’s wonderful Holy Spirit to get me through, and that I NOT be ashamed of His name.

I just thought I would share this with you 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Gates of Hell will NOT prevail…

  1. Yes Vee i often think of the Dear Saints that have gone to be with our LORD, the Book of The Martyrs is a book that all christains should read. In our time now when principalities of evil are engulfing this world. Not all will be martyed as Jacob Prasch has said but we should be willing to, for HE died for me. To understand the Bible is GOOD, to understand what the Bible is about is better, there are Saints now suffering and dying for Christ and they are teaching me what the Bible is about. LORD G-D help me, us, to remain Faithful to YOU by YOUR Holy Spirit.Amen! “To know the power of HIS Resurrection”.


  2. Love that book. I often refer to it and think about the many accounts. I think the account of Andrew is one of my favorite..

    “Andrew, going toward the place, and seeing afar off the cross prepared, did change neither countenance nor colour, neither did his blood shrink, neither did he fail in his speech, his body fainted not, neither was his mind molested, nor did his understanding fail him, as it is the manner of men to do…”

    The Lord will be with us in the flames just as he was with the 3 subjects of Nebucanezzar!

    Here is a poem I wrote about this… hope you don’t mind the link –


  3. thanks girls for you comments. I pray, that if we ever face persecution like these brothers and sisters did, that we too have the full council and strength of the Holy Spirit, never wavering in our faith, and to be a saint who has persevered and overcome through the harshest cruelties. This is my fervent prayer as I see dark days ahead for true born of the Spirit Christians. Attack from within and attack from without. Keep your eyes on Him, and study the Word to show yourself proved, test like Bereans like NEVER before.

    Lorrie, of course I don’t mind if you share one of your wonderful poems.


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