A must read post from Calvin Smith…

Former Tory Leader’s Son on Anglican Anti-Semitism

Today Rev Nick Howard, son of the former Conservative Party leader Michael Howard, has published a lengthy article on a well-known political website severely criticising anti-Semitism in the Anglican Church. The essay is noteworthy for several reasons.

Go to this link here to read more. After reading this, you begin to understand that those who are espousing liberation theology for the down trodden, aren’t necessarily speaking for those very people. It is more about liberating a political ideology which is not even close to the grass roots of the majority.

Political liberation for personal gain seems to be what’s happening here.

Go to Calvin’s post which has some very good links for you to follow up on.


5 thoughts on “A must read post from Calvin Smith…

  1. Please, please follow the link from Calvin’s post. It about Rev Stephen Sizer and obvious choice for antisemitic websites. He tried to threaten me a few years ago with the police because I had connected the dots between him and his preference towards antisemitic material that he has used to bolster his argument concerning Israel and the Palestinians.

    Again, please visit Calvin’s site, then go on to read the article that Calvin is talking about.




  2. Amazing some of the comments on Calvin’s post. It almost seems like someone said “go sic!”… hmmm


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