Christian Freedoms in the West are Eroding..

Just a quick post today. Have you noticed that Christian freedoms are slowly being taken away.This is the Church being persecuted through laws that are being changed. Have a read and pray for the body of Christ…

‘Real’ Christian Churches in US Forced to Go Underground Soon?

Christian churches in America will soon be forced to go underground if they want to stay true to their beliefs and to God, a conservative broadcast commentator warned.

Longstreet, a 30-year veteran of the broadcasting business, recently explained his opinion on the Right Side News, first clarifying that only “real” Christian churches will have to do as he predicted.

“In the past three decades, or so, many of the mainline Christian churches have slipped away from their foundation on the Holy Scriptures and adopted more and more secular tenets and leftist, politically correct, philosophy until they have become only a shadow of the true followers of Christ,” he penned on Tuesday.

[…]The conservative commentator lamented that in America, pastors were afraid of preaching from the Scriptures, worried about the consequences – lawsuits, slander, or even embarrassment.

“It is a very real threat, especially to the evangelical church in America,” he added. “As a result, those churches which hold true to the Gospel, now feel that they must consider meeting in secret for Bible classes, for worship services, or other Bible centric gatherings.”

Even the government in America has criminalized biblical preaching and prevented thousands of churches and clergymen from practicing their faith without threat of penalty from the authorities, he charged.

“The Christian Church, I believe will be driven underground in America, as it has been in other nations around the globe. Otherwise, it will cease to exist in this land many firmly believe was founded by Christians,” Longstreet concluded.


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  1. i need to add this…those that are in the “middle class happy clappy bless me clubs” will never believe this will happen.


  2. what the hell?

    “Even the government in America has criminalized biblical preaching and prevented thousands of churches and clergymen from practicing their faith without threat of penalty from the authorities, he charged.”

    What a vague statement? This is not true, my pastor still preaches in the church about sin, righteousness, aint no government throwing rocks or police pepper spraying.. Who are the thousands of churches and “clergymen” you mention? You will always have the freedom to do whatever you want, someone may try to prevent you but if you fear God you keep calm and carry on and keep on enjoying your freedom. Some sensibility required.

    Philsophically your statement is a little concerning, the government directly handling your freedom? Does the presence of police or a law define your freedom? If so its a rather poor basis for “Christian Freedoms”
    If you are implying that just like around the world the government will come to take a harsh stance against christians, well we can expect that but thats like trying to imagine the tribulation, of course then rape and kidnappings and other worse things will happen, but stay focused on christ 🙂 If you get yourself be anxious and weary now what will you do today for christ?

    “Christian Freedom” is not eroding, don’t categorize christ under some stupid banner of religious crap, in Iran people turn to Christ through seeing Jesus in dreams, in North Korea churches meet underground, they experience Freedom Christ Gives, does not matter whatever else

    Jesus said whoever wants to save his life will lose it, get a grip grow up!

    Christ will establish his church and the gates of hell will not prevail, no freedom can be given that Christ does not provide, you want peace, you can get that like Peter in prison sleeping, or Paul in shipwreck at peace in Christ, and having Freedom.

    “This is the Church being persecuted through laws that are being changed”
    … .. .. are you serious, you have a very very sensitive definition of cruel treatment…

    anyway, cool blog post and um keep on focusing on the author and finisher of our faith yay! /carries on reading bible


    • if you are not having any trials or testing, you better find out for sure if you really are a christain. Your writing more like a false convert that does not have a clue because you don’t want to know. Where do you live, i live in the US and i know freedom of Biblical Teaching is eroding. Ecumenicalism is growing, and false teaching is proliferating. Hell is a real place…NOT a word that you have used to express your stupidity.


  3. I remember someone saying to me, when things in life always seems to be going wrong, and never right… they said that I must be right with God, coz satan is really attacking you. Being a Christian and following the Lord does NOT mean you will have an easy life. The opposite is true. The world HATES Jesus, therefore HATES anyone who is trying to live with Jesus being number one in their life.

    Gloria, it is true that mainstream churches in the west are becoming more and more ecumenical, politically correct and further away from the truth of God’s Word. This is happening in Australia too. I read it in the news on a weekly basis, that such and such a church is now talking about how church is different nowadays, its becoming more inclusive and talks about acceptance rather than repentance. You won’t hear about sin, hell, wrath and what Jesus did on the cross for us and why because that is too offensive. You will hear about Jesus being a good socialist, and feeding the people and loving the people, but there wont be the whole council of God preached.

    I have been a Christian for over thirty years, and I have watched how the churches in the west have turned from preaching about our sin, and repentance to a different gospel that goes something like this….

    “Do you want a better life, do you feel like your life is meaningless and is void of something?” “Well then, let Jesus into your heart, and He will give you purpose, the one that you have been destined for!”

    A person who accepts this ‘better purposeful life’ through Jesus, and has NOT understood their filthy sin and repented, is NOT a born again Christian.

    The salvation gospel has been lost because its too offensive! HA! They use to call it the ‘Offence of the Cross’. You won’t hear about THAT anymore.

    Thanks for your reply Gloria…. it was much needed 🙂

    In Christ



    • Thank you Vee, and Amen to what you have said. This world is more of a mess then ever befor because so many Churches are…i know our LORD said it would happen like this…but it still hurts so much. Amen /Witnessing to the lost is harder now in the US because of the name it clam it bunch and false prophets. i hand out tracts but only G-D knows who will truly repent. i know that my LORD will help those that do truly repent, for HE has help me for the 11 years that i have been saved and by HIS Grace growing, and by HIS Amazing Grace i pray to continue to grow, and help others, like i have been helped by HIM. There are still some very sound Teaches and Preachers, and my LORD has led me to them, because i want to know what HE knows i need. Amen


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