The cost…

If you think that being a Christian requires nothing much of yourself, think again. In the West we do come against people who ridicule and shame you. Watch this video, I bet you will be able to relate to it…


One thought on “The cost…

  1. the real cost comes when fellow christians isolate you and look down upon you because you do not go with the crowd or the flow, but rather spend time with christ to receive words from him, to actually follow what it says

    yep thats rough, christians can turn lukewarm and become cliques, oh god i hate that what a bunch of pharisees, whitewashed tombs…Instead we should all draw near to christ and he will draw near to us, forget us it should be YOU, YOU, christianity is not a group ticket but a single ticket

    the cost you’re talking about is someone who doesn’t know the value of christ, the god king of the universe the master of all existence, the divine architect of design

    Having a relationship with him and then saying the cost is ridicule and “shame you”.. ..wait what


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