That TV debate

Just a quick post to let you know that the debate between Calvin Smith and Rev Stephen Sizer has been aired. But for those of you who missed it, Calvin has been given permission to distribute the 90 minute debate and as soon as I get more info I will let you all know.

Watch this space!


5 thoughts on “That TV debate

  1. Thanks Vee, i’ll be waiting. i did read Jacob’s artical i knew he would have something posted about it. i was not able to see the debate on Revelation TV but i was not surprised at the outcome. i Thank The LORD for HIS Faithful servants. Amen


  2. Vee, Calvin has now uploaded the Debate onto his blog, see:-

    Jacob Prasch, who was in the Studio audience, has commented on the Debate on the Moriel website; see link below.

    Hope this helps, Vee. Keep up the good work!

    With grateful thanks for all you do for Him,



      • Thank you, Gloria. Also, for you and any others interested:-

        Thursdays Nov 17th & 24th 2011
        J. Jacob Prasch & Howard Conder
        In UK & Ireland, Spain, USA & India on ROCU, Sky 581 or Freesat 692
        Also available internationally on Live Webcast on:

        Further dates to be announced.

        UK & Rep of Ireland Time: 9pm Continental Europe Time: 10pm
        USA East Coast Time: 5pm USA
        Central Time: 4pm
        USA Mountain Time: 3pm
        USA Pacific Time: 2pm
        Hawaii, Alleutions: (Alaska) 12pm
        India: 2.30am (Friday)
        Live internet TV web broadcast only South Africa, Israel & Middle East: 11pm
        Singapore, W. Australia, Japan, Korea, Manila, Hong Kong: 5am (Friday)
        Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne: 8am (Friday)
        New Zealand: 10am (Friday)

        Other webcasts and broadcasts of Jacob Prasch also available via internet on Radio Free Church and GV 24/7, plus a host of additional recorded material of Jacob Prasch from Israel and other locations available on YOU TUBE.

        In Him,



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