Calvin Smith vs Stephen Sizer. And a few other things…

I just got wind of a fantastic theological website that has been highly recommended by the one and only Calvin Smith. Calvin, by the way, is actually going to debate the infamous Rev Stephen Sizer on Revelation TV on the 9th of this month. The debate will centre on the topic of Israel’s relevance today and questions regarding the Church having superseded Israel in prophetic terms or not.  As soon as I find out the link to the debate I will let you all know, so watch this space.

Oh, and make sure you check out Calvin’s blog too. Also, you can find some great theological articles that Calvin and others have written at this site.

Anyway, back to that theological website. It carries many interesting articles from different periods of time, and even tricky topics like ‘Supersessionism‘ and ‘Dispensationlism‘. Ooooh, must check them out! Hopefully you will find these links useful and keep you informed with all the latest goings on which is happening globally.



4 thoughts on “Calvin Smith vs Stephen Sizer. And a few other things…

  1. Debate details are as follows : Live televised Debate : Has the Church replaced Israel ?
    Place : Revelation TV London UK in front of a studio audience
    Date : November 9th 2011
    Time : 9 pm to 10:30 pm UK time { please adjust for local time } broadcast live via SKY TV in Europe and live streaming worldwide at this link :

    Participants : Calvin L Smith & Stephen Sizer
    Defending the position that the nation of Israel as it exists since 1948 still has a place in end time Biblical prophecy will be Calvin Smith principal of Kings Evangelical Divinity School

    Opposing this and giving a different Biblical view on Israel and the Church will be Stephen Sizer who is vicar of Christ Church Virginia Water Surrey UK and founding member of the Institute for the Study of Christian Zionism .
    E mail & text comments / questions will be intermittently read out during the programme .

    Note : Viewers in USA with a ROKU BOX can now watch Revelation TV and so view the debate through this medium .

    Revelation TV is the most popular UK Christian television station

    Dr Calvin L. Smith

    Dr Calvin L Smith is principal of Kings Evangelical Divinity School , editor of the evangelical review of society and politics , author of numerous books including The Jews modern Israel and the new supercessionism . He lectures in theology and hermeneutics . He is an academic researcher conference and Church speaker .

    Stephen Sizer

    Stephen Sizer is senior pastor of Christ Church , the community church of Virginia
    Water in Surrey UK . He is a founding member of (ISCZ) Institute for the study of
    Christian Zionism . He is a member of the advisory council of evangelicals for
    middle east understanding . He co authored the Jerusalem declaration on Christian
    Zionism signed by the heads of Churches in Jerusalem . He has an extensive
    international ministry teaching regularly in Churches , seminaries and universities in
    the USA , Africa , Europe and the Middle East .


  2. Conor, thanks for all the details. I will have to figure out what time it is on in Australia. I am hoping that it will be recorded so those of us who miss it can watch it at our leisure. 🙂


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