Israel… why does it still exist?

Can ancient prophecies about Israel be true? Is the Bible true or relevant today?
This video will put those questions to rest!!


5 thoughts on “Israel… why does it still exist?

  1. There is a lot of truth in this video, but it is incomplete and I’m sure you agree. The prophecies that they are stating are fulfilled if you look at them in context will only be fulfilled after Israel repents as a nation and participates in the new covenant. Jeremiah 31 was one of the prophecies mentioned in there, but if you look, Israel must have the laws of God written on her heart. As of now, she doesn’t. Isaiah 35 is another prophecy, but that restoration of the land of Israel to Eden like conditions occurs after the apocalypse of chapter 34 which hasn’t yet occurred. Chapter 34 has the appearance of a Messiah like figure (who we know to be the LORD Jesus Christ) who has not come in those terms. Anyway, I don’t mean to be negative, but this video only presents a small portion of the entire truth. Israel must confess Jesus Christ as Messiah before many of these prophecies are truly fulfilled.

    Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

    -The Orange Mailman


  2. Yes, you are right. We wait for the fullness of prophecies still. Interesting to note, today UNSCO has accepted Palestinian Statehood. Just caught a glimpse of that on the news very briefly this morning.


    • I know! I was quite interested in his understanding that Israel at the moment is actually Jacob as they haven’t gone through the night of wrestling, which is the time of Jacob’s trouble. I am thinking that this is what you meant about Israel/Jacob being gathered in unbelief. This throws a whole new light onto the subject and one that would be worth investigating further. Would LOVE you to do a post on this concept and let me know what you think…. hint, hint.

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