Arab Spring — Divide and Conquer

Some call it the “Arab Spring”, but a much more accurate term would be “the rise of Sharia law in the Middle East”. I find it hard to believe that America [or should I say most Americans?] can’t see the hand of Obama involved here in the promotion of Islamic Sharia law. It was no secret that the Moslem Brotherhood would take over in Egypt. That after the first democratic elections in Tunisia Islamic law would be put into place as the majority of the voters are in fact Islamic Muslims. The so-called freedom fighters in Syria are none other than Islamic Muslims. What has happened in Libya will see another Islamic state on the rise. In all these cases Obama has been on the side of the Islamic Muslims. To be sure, he puts that in a different way, but he knows full well what side he is on.Obama is for a “two state solution” in Israel and feels that Hamas will have to be part of that deal’  He does this knowing that they will never give up their quest to destroy Israel.Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, are on a long list of places in the Muslim and Arab world that Obama wants to see Islamic Sharia take hold and control the people. I am not defending dictatorships -BUT sometimes a good look around is in order before you jump into something that will be far worse than what you already have. As they say;  “better the devil you know….”. [source]