Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism…

When will people WAKE UP! Seriously, there is sooo much anti-Jew/Israel stuff going on in the world that it’s akin to pre-world war two!

Take a look at this video which was filmed in Canada and note the rhetoric coming from these people.

Then read what is happening in Scotland as far as boycotting Israeli goods is concerned…

The following letter was written to the Edinburgh University Student Association following their vote to boycott Israel and all Israeli goods because it is an ‘apartheid regime’. Dr Denis MacEoin (a non-Jew) is an expert in Middle Eastern affairs. He is senior editor of the Middle East Quarterly, and runs his own blog ‘A Liberal Defence of Israel’. This letter merits dissemination far and wide, and certainly to every university in the country. [Read this important letter HERE]

These are just two things I have come across lately. There are many more things happening world wide, but these two are just a small example.