Dominionism in politics…

Firstly let me quote Jacob Prasch…“Satan is going to use philanthropy to get people to follow the Antichrist. He is going to pretend, like Judas, the “son of perdition,” to care about the poor as a way to manipulate God’s people. …Whenever the Church has institutionally ventured into the political world, and whenever Christians have sought to identify the cause of Christ with a political agenda, it has always brought spiritual and social disaster and required egregious distortions of New Testament doctrine.”

The only massive kingdom that will be on the earth before Christ comes is the Anti-christ’s kingdom which will be a socialist one. Now check this out…

News reports and rumors have been circulating since Rick Perry’s August 6 prayer gathering dubbed “The Response,” that evangelical members of a radical Christian sect called the “New Apostolic Reformation” (NAR) are seeking to take “dominion” over the earth through politics, media and other sectors. Church leaders, however, say the New Apostolic Reformation is not about dominating society or forcing Christian morals on America, but rather actively living out the Christian faith.

Forrest Wilder, a Texas Observer columnist who has been following the NAR and its influence on political figures, told The Christian Post that it is not a specific church, denomination or organization, but is a movement of an “interlocking array of churches, ministries, councils, personal friendships and alliances” that are connected for a common cause.

That common cause, Wilder argued, is to promote Christian dominion over society, culture and government through the influence of its ministries. [source]

And with certain books that are entitled “The Holey Gospel” we shouldn’t be surprised that this kind of thinking will enter the political sphere.


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