A few things just quickly…

For those of you who are interested in researching a little more about the Islamic faith and the Qur’an I have found wikiIslam which is a very resourceful site. I have also put this site under the top menu under the “Philosophy & Religion” section under “Islam”. This is site is brilliant.

And Lorrie, one of the regulars here, found a great google video series of Jacob Prasch where he examines the Church of Laodicea and what it means for us today in this Church age. Jacob has the ability to understand scriptures in the true Hebraic sense. I encourage you to take a look at that. I have also blogrolled this google video site under the “Audio & Visual” category in my sidebar.

Also, I have just heard that there will be another kindle book to be released very soon by Jacob Prasch. I don’t have the date yet. But this book promises to be a timely book. I have written a little about this book HERE. It will be a most intriguing book and one that answers many questions that have been asked in regards to world economic and cultural events, political, religious and much much more.

Also, don’t forget to have Israel in your prayers. The day is fast approaching when the UN will try to set Israel back to the 1967 borders. This will divide Jerusalem’s old city cutting off the Jews from their Holy Mountain. God has warned us about such action in His Word and He will be very jealous for Jerusalem as scripture states.

A group of leading international legal experts explains in the following video why, contrary to the claims of many, Israel’s existence does enjoy UN-backed legitimacy. Furthermore, Israel is entitled to rule over the so-called “West Bank” and Gaza, according to international law.

This video sets straight a lot of misconceptions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and is a MUST SEE.

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  1. The Prasch video was exceptionally relevant and timely (even though it was recorded a few years ago)…what a great find. Thanks for posting it, Vee!


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