Jacob was a cheater; Peter had a temper; David had an affair; Noah got drunk; Jonah ran from God; Paul was a murderer; Gideon was insecure; Miriam was a gossiper; Martha was a worrier; Thomas was a doubter; Sara was impatient; Elijah was moody; Moses stuttered; Zaccheus was short; Abraham was old and Lazarus was dead. NOW WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE? CAN GOD USE YOU OR NOT? God doesn’t call the qualified, He QUALIFIES the CALLED.


5 thoughts on “Excuses…

  1. Yes i’m called and i know my LORD has given me Talents or a Talent…i pray that i’m using what HE has given me, i think about that all the time. Even if i only have one Talent i NEVER want to bury it! Amen!


    • There will be a post coming up next week about how we are to be courageous and without fear; not burying our talents. I have just come across it and haven’t read the article in its entirety yet. So stay posted.


  2. Yes i’ll stay waiting. i have by G-D’s Grace have “Parables of the Kingdom” by Jacob Prasch, a 7 DVD set…what a Blessing it has for me. He talks about the Talents and so much more, if you are able by G-D’s Grace and Mercy this is a very very good DVD Set. i Thank The LORD always for Faithful christains that HE has raised up to help HIS willing sheep. Jacob Prasch is one of a few that have helped me to understand ALL that our Dear LORD has written for us to understand. i can’t get enough of what i know HE knows i need. Amen


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