Jacob Prasch on youtube!

Just got wind of some exciting news. Jacob Prasch has a youtube channel. This channel provides segments from sermons offered by Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries at http://www.moriel.org. It’s in its infancy, so be sure to favourite it, or bookmark to check back to see the latest from Jacob!


7 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch on youtube!

  1. Hi Vee i just saw and listened to Jacob on the youtub. i’m very pleased and grateful that Jacob said what he said. i’m going to send this to others…saved and UNsaved. Praying that my unsaved family will here The LORD through Jacob Prasch. None of them here HIM through me or things that i have mailed them. i’ll not stop praying and trying to reach them for Christ.Amen


  2. Excellent! Thanks Lorrie for finding THIS! i did send this to others, i have that CD from that Conference. NOW by G-D’s Grace i can send this youtube to those that need to hear.Ruffle some feathers “i’m sure” but i’m praying that The Holy Spirit will convict them all, backsliden, apostates and the LOST! Amen


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