This made me cry…

Here is a short documentary of a family who lived in fear in Pakistan. Fear of the Islamists who tried to force this Christian family to convert to Islam. It involves a little girl, two year of age… and what happened to her is something that will bring tears to your eyes. This family is now living in safety in Canada who welcomed them with open arms. Please, please take ten minutes of your day to view this short video and then to pray for this family and others who have not been so fortunate and who are still living in fear.


3 thoughts on “This made me cry…

  1. Yes Vee i just left Moriel site, there are a few new articals the one about the dear 2 year old i have not read or seen yet. i really don’t have the stomach to open that artical up. “Dear G-D Pour your Amazing Grace on that family” AMEN


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