Something BIG is coming! Do you really want to know???

sun_apocalypse1500Somethings definitely going on. The world knows about it. Everyone feels it. But do they understand it?…

You see, I have just read this book and it totally blew my mind. It dealt with things that most people would rather shy away from, but this book is pivotal in understanding what’s going on in the crazy mixed up world. This book deals with an important topic that will impact each and every person living on this planet in some profound and life changing way. This book examines an ancient scroll that has had many scholars and layperson alike pour diligently over its texts. This ancient scroll was written in three different languages, and has to this day been found to be 100% accurate in its past predictions.  No one will escape the ramifications of any future unfolding that this scroll speaks about.

This ancient scroll has been sealed for centuries and it waits patiently for the right time to be cracked open, for the great mystery to be complete. Is it beginning to crack open!?!

It has been said that this scroll or little book is bittersweet for those who live during the time of its complete unsealing. Do we live in those very times that have been spoken about? Are there future predictions yet to happen actually outlined in these ancient texts, and are we seeing the stirrings of these prophecies unravel now, in this present day and age? Can this ancient text predict with 100% accuracy future events as it has done in the past?

Not all of the predictions (prophecies) in this little book have come to pass as of yet. The ancient texts say that a certain unsealing and an understanding is yet to come. Have we reached that time? Are the prophecies going to unfold in our very life time? And if they do, will you be wise enough to understand them?

And here is the most important question for you all…

Would you even WANT to understand them? Go HERE for more details of this ground breaking book. If you are an e-reader, you can find the book HERE.



10 thoughts on “Something BIG is coming! Do you really want to know???

  1. Ever since The LORD G-D called me to repentance. The more i do understand by HIS Amazing Grace, the sadder i get for those that i love, that just don’t want to know the truth about themselves so they can be Saved and be given the strength to endure till the end, by The Mighty and Powerful Great G-D our Saviour. i know i need HIM more as these days are getting darker and darker all around this world. Amen Grace and HIS Peace to you Zee and all the others that Truly long to see HIM!!!


    • I thank God for people like you who are praying for others and care enough to share the Word of God. There are so many very nice, kind and generous people out there who don’t know anything about salvation. Someone asked me the other day, “what is the Rapture.” I couldn’t believe it but it did show me how much in the dark many people are. We must pray.

      Love in Christ, Jeannie


      • Thanks for your comment Jeannie. I am afraid that many people in Churches do not even know about the rapture! This is because prophecy is not being taught, but the social gospel is. Their treasures are stored up in this world rather than in the Kingdom that is to come. Rick Warren has said that we should bother ourselves with the prophetic. Unfortunately, this is just what happened before Christ’s first coming, so many people didn’t recognize Him at His first appearance for who He was and is! History is repeating itself.

        My guess is that the Warren’s of this world go by the mantra… being too heavenly minded to be any earthly good. Yet, scripture says that just before He returns the world will be in terrible shape and the Church will have fallen into apostasy. So, what we see around us is prophecy being unfolded before our very eyes. This doesn’t surprise those who have discernment.

        Again, thanks for taking the time to comment 😀


        • My dear sister Vee…being Heavenly minded is of eartly good. If i was not so Heavenly minded i would not be of any earthy good. Think about it Zee


  2. Very exciting – I examine myself quite often to make sure I’m not being decieved in any way and that my heart is right. Same as you two – I pray for myself, family and friends!


    • I try to make a point an examine myself daily and bring to the cross anything that needs to be addressed. I don’t want to be deceived either. I pray that I won’t be, but more importantly, I try to be a berean and check with that measuring tool that God gave us in His Word. 🙂


  3. Thank you Vee for continuing to shine the light of Truth in this dark world.

    I miss you! Time for a catch up e-mail?


  4. CARLA!!!! I was thinking of you the other day. Shoot me an emai, I have lost heaps of email addresses because of my stupid Outlook express. You can contact me on livingajourney @

    Hope to hear from you soon xx


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